Jimmy's Execution in His Words - Part 3

Written by Jimmy Kinslow as told to Ed Howes


I was sent back to UIC for a follow up on August 26, 2003, in order forrepparttar specialist to review my lab results fromrepparttar 125480 blood drawn July 30, 2003. Dr. Ghosh and Nurse Viscum refused to sendrepparttar 125481 lab results with me torepparttar 125482 consult. Without these resultsrepparttar 125483 specialist would be unable to recommendrepparttar 125484 restarting of my HCV treatments. The specialist ordered new blood tests and that I be returned to have an ultrasound done of my liver forrepparttar 125485 very first time, along with an Upper Endoscopy exam of my stomach and biopsy ofrepparttar 125486 stomach lining.

I was returned to UIC on September 10, 2003. Once againrepparttar 125487 staff from ADDUS Healthcare refused to send my latest lab results again preventingrepparttar 125488 UIC specialist from recommendingrepparttar 125489 restarting of my HCV treatments. They didrepparttar 125490 Ultrasound of my liver andrepparttar 125491 Endoscopy exam to my stomach with a biopsy, and ordered new blood tests.

Blood was drawn on September 16, 2003 onrepparttar 125492 U.I.C. specialist's orders. I was not sent back to UIC until October 14, 2003. Once again Dr. Ghosh, Nurse Viscum andrepparttar 125493 ADDUS Healthcare staff refused to send my lab results with me fromrepparttar 125494 blood tests. Specialist is unable to recommendrepparttar 125495 restarting of my HCV treatments forrepparttar 125496 third time. This despiterepparttar 125497 fact all my blood levels had been back intorepparttar 125498 "safe" range for months. The specialist ordered new blood tests and that I be returned so he could perform a biopsy of my liver forrepparttar 125499 first time in more than three years of treatment. Treatment that was designed to be completed in one year. Rate of success from proper treatment was just sixty per cent. Malpractice had reduced my chances of success dramatically. The liver biopsy was done on October 22, 2003.

November 11, 2003, I was returned to U.I.C. ADDUS Healthcare again refused to send my lab results with me fromrepparttar 125500 blood tests. The specialist was only able to give merepparttar 125501 results fromrepparttar 125502 liver biopsy and schedule me for a Colonoscopy, trying to find what was causing my daily diarrhea and severe intestinal pains. Beginningrepparttar 125503 first week in September,repparttar 125504 prison doctors refused to treat me for this problem.

The results from my liver biopsy were very sobering. Due torepparttar 125505 sabotage ofrepparttar 125506 two previous courses of HCV treatments,repparttar 125507 virus mutated into a more virulent and aggressive form. It came back with a vengeance and almost completely destroyed my liver. Cirrhosis/ fibrosis is now extremely advanced. I am near what they call End Stage Liver Failure. A fancy way of saying I will die soon. Re treatment may not be possible due torepparttar 125508 toxicity ofrepparttar 125509 medications. He wanted to studyrepparttar 125510 biopsy result some more, getrepparttar 125511 Colonoscopy done to rid me ofrepparttar 125512 persistent intestinal infection, then we would sit down and discuss possible treatments, weighing outrepparttar 125513 risks and dangers.

As of this date,repparttar 125514 IDOC, Agency Medical Director, Dr. Willard Elyea, S.C.C, Medical Director Dr. P. Ghosh andrepparttar 125515 corporate officers of ADDUS Healthcare are refusing to return me to U.I.C to getrepparttar 125516 required Colonoscopy done to cure me ofrepparttar 125517 infection and daily diarrhea I have endured since September of last year. Also to get a new treatment plan worked out withrepparttar 125518 U.I.C. specialist which could possibly prevent me dying from liver failure. I am in daily pain. The medical staff at Stateville C.C. will not see me at Sick Call as I have requested daily since November 11, 2003. They are leaving me to rot untreated in this cell, until I die, which they figure will solve this problem. I desperately need help and fast. I have typed this letter to send to anyone and everyone for whom I can find an address. Our form of Government is claimed to be one ofrepparttar 125519 people, that all public officials are directly accountable to "werepparttar 125520 people". Anything they do, they do in our names. The crimes I have documented in this letter, they continue doing IN YOUR NAME. Would you physically torture another human being? Would you stoically watch another human cry out daily in severe pain from a terrible untreated disease, slowly killing him while withholdingrepparttar 125521 needed treatments? Taunting; in his face just out of his reach, until he dies. They are doing this in your name.

Modular Homes...Here are the Advantages

Written by Nancy Storrs, Custom Modular Homes, LLC - Wisconsin

Backed By A Warranty... Many manufacturers of modular homes offer extensive warranties against structural defects.

Multiple Inspections, Not Just One... Modular Homes are built to conform torepparttar Uniform Dwelling Code, and comply with Local requirements ofrepparttar 125477 state and county to which they’ll be delivered – just like other homes being “stick built” anywhere inrepparttar 125478 state. Modular Homes however, have a distinct advantage of being inspected three times before you ever take occupancy. The first inspection occurs withrepparttar 125479 production supervisor onrepparttar 125480 production line. The second inspection is performed in accordance with an independent Third Party Inspector atrepparttar 125481 manufacturer’s facility. Lastly,repparttar 125482 local building inspector in your own municipality inspectsrepparttar 125483 home. “Stick built” homes are only inspected once on site.

Faster Completion... Modular homes can be built faster because most ofrepparttar 125484 work – including most plumbing and electrical work is completed atrepparttar 125485 factory. The wallboard, cabinets, doors, windows and bath fixtures are in place whenrepparttar 125486 home arrives at your site. That means savings of time oncerepparttar 125487 house is set on your foundation. There are fewer contractors to manage, fewer people to completerepparttar 125488 work, and faster completion. Dollars are saved. Scheduling is simplified. And ultimately onlyrepparttar 125489 plumber, electrician, carpenter crew and furnace company need to perform any site work oncerepparttar 125490 house is set.

Interest Savings – Time is Money... With a construction loan, as with any mortgage loan,repparttar 125491 first payments are predominantly interest. A typical construction loan for a “stick built” home can be 6 to 12 months long. Now imagine how many dollars can be saved ifrepparttar 125492 time of construction is cut in half! You can save thousands of dollars in interest because modular homes can be completed in as few as 45 days fromrepparttar 125493 timerepparttar 125494 house is set onrepparttar 125495 foundation.

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