Jimmy’s Execution in his words — Part 2

Written by Jimmy Kinslow as told to Ed Howes


Nurse Viscum must have been angry atrepparttar world because she snapped a refusal to call Dr. Smith so I could speak to him. I asked several times more. Each request was refused. I told Nurse Viscum if she continued to misuse her role as a medical gatekeeper, refusing to relay my serious medical problems to Dr. Smith, I would file an institutional grievance against her. She exploded in anger and ordered me fromrepparttar 125483 HCU under threats of having me walked to segregation and thrown inrepparttar 125484 "hole". I left and filedrepparttar 125485 grievance.

The next week I reported torepparttar 125486 HCU to receive my weekly injection of PEG Interferon. I discovered Nurse Viscum had refused to reorder my dosage of PEG Interferon. I was unable to receive my injection of PEG Interferon until Thursday, December 5, 2002, four days behind schedule. I asked to speak withrepparttar 125487 temporary acting Medical Director, Dr. Jovita Anyanwu. Nurse Viscum said he refused to see me. I wanted to discuss any possible medical complications due to this delay inrepparttar 125488 medication schedule and make sure that I was now on a Thursday weekly injection schedule to receiverepparttar 125489 PEG Interferon. Nurse Viscum sarcastically replied, "yeah, you're on a Thursday schedule."

Four days later I was summoned torepparttar 125490 HCU Monday, December 9, 2002 and ordered to take another full strength injection of PEG Interferon. I refused at first, taking outrepparttar 125491 "Medication Guidelines" enclosed withrepparttar 125492 box thatrepparttar 125493 PEG-Interferon came in. It states that I was to NEVER, EVER take more than one single injection per week, and that it is supposed to be taken atrepparttar 125494 same time and day each week, whenever possible. Nurse Viscum tookrepparttar 125495 "Medication Guidelines" and leftrepparttar 125496 ER, saying she was going to show them to Dr. Anyanwu. She came back in minutes, saying that Dr. Anyanwu said I was to takerepparttar 125497 injection. It wouldn't hurt me and they wanted me back on a Monday injection schedule for their convenience.

Again I refused, saying I wanted to speak to Dr. Anyanwu in person. Nurse Viscum got onrepparttar 125498 phone in front of me and called someone she said was Dr. Anyanwu. She hung up and said I either takerepparttar 125499 injection as ordered, or my medical treatments would be terminated. Under this threat to stop my treatments, and against my better judgment, I submitted. I tookrepparttar 125500 early injection of PEG Interferon which overdosed me.

Big, big mistake. It hit me withrepparttar 125501 force of a sledgehammer, putting me in a near coma forrepparttar 125502 next week. It immediately began destroying my red blood cells at a rapid pace. I repeatedly requested to see a doctor overrepparttar 125503 frightening effects this was having on me. They steadfastly refused to see me. I filed grievances, wrote letters, spoke to officials in person. I was ignored. No doctor or other ADDUS Healthcare staff would see me until Dr. Kevin Smith reluctantly saw me January 9, 2003. His first words were to confront me over naming him in a lawsuit I filed overrepparttar 125504 first sabotage of my HCV treatments; under Kinslow v. Snyder, Jr., et al., No.01 466 DRH. In a very hostile manner, Dr. Smith refused to listen or treatrepparttar 125505 lingering, painful drug reaction I had torepparttar 125506 Periactin he had prescribed for me. He then dismissed my crashing red blood cell levels and refused to treat with Procrit or Neuprogen to stabilizerepparttar 125507 red/ white blood cells. He refused to prescribe vitamins or a medical diet recommended in order allowing me to takerepparttar 125508 Rebetol medications. These improverepparttar 125509 absorption and efficiency ofrepparttar 125510 anti viral medication up to 70% ; a very significant improvement which could meanrepparttar 125511 success or failure ofrepparttar 125512 treatments.

He refused to treatrepparttar 125513 uncured stomach/intestinal infection I still had. He adamantly refused to send me torepparttar 125514 specialist Dr. Wiley atrepparttar 125515 U.I.C Liver/Hematology Clinic over these medical problems and to generally monitor my treatments like they said they would when I beganrepparttar 125516 HCV treatments. This refusal to provide needed medical treatment for these serious conditions was clearly in retaliation for naming him in a lawsuit and filed grievances.

Jimmy’s Execution - in His Words — Part 1



RE: Denial of essential medical care byrepparttar State of Illinois,repparttar 125482 Illinois Department of Corrections andrepparttar 125483 sabotage of Hepatitis C Virus medical treatment by state contracted medical care providers.

Hello, my name is Jimmy Kinslow, I am a forty - four year old man who made a terrible mistake when I was an impressionable teenager in 1978. Underrepparttar 125484 influence of a thirty two year old biker, affiliated withrepparttar 125485 Banditos Motorcycle Club in Southwest Texas, some innocent people lost their lives. I have never denied my participation in these terrible crimes, and have sought some method of atonement sincerepparttar 125486 beginning, without much measurable success, given my long imprisonment.

I was incarcerated in New Mexico when I was sent to Illinois in 1995. Inrepparttar 125487 summer of 2000 I became deathly ill withrepparttar 125488 Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) from knee surgery I had when I was sixteen. It was my good fortunerepparttar 125489 Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) had a Dr. Joseph Smith, employed asrepparttar 125490 Medical Director forrepparttar 125491 Stateville Correction Center, a very kind and compassionate physician. On his authority, I started my HCV medical treatments with Interferon/Rebetol (Ribivarin), before IDOC officials knew what he was doing. Dr. Smith hospitalized me on July 6, 2000. I began treatments on July 7, 2000. I was placed under a medical hold and my treatments were expensive. I was extremely grateful forrepparttar 125492 blessing. This disease was killing me.

Within four days, on July 10, 2000, I was summoned from my hospital bed to be interrogated byrepparttar 125493 IDOC Deputy Director, George DeTella, concerning my treatments. This was followed two days later with an interrogation by Deputy Director District 1, Lamark Carter and Stateville C.C. Warden, Kenneth Briley, concerning my hospitalization for treatment.

These three IDOC officials approached Dr. Joseph Smith and Barbara Miller,repparttar 125494 Health Care Unit (HCU) Administrator and tried to convince them to stop my medical treatments by showing them my file. That I was a very bad person, totally undeserving of medical treatment and they should simply wash their hands of me. Dr. Smith and Ms. Miller refused this unethical request and refused to readrepparttar 125495 proffered file. I remained insiderepparttar 125496 HCU and my treatments continued.

The minute my HCV medical treatments began to work, clearly shown by blood tests, these three IDOC officials began a series of events which resulted in my transfer to another prison facility onrepparttar 125497 other side ofrepparttar 125498 State. It was a surprise announcement on December 6, 2000, just five months into my year long HCV medical treatments. Since I was under a medical hold and inrepparttar 125499 middle of treatments,repparttar 125500 Medical Director, Dr. Joseph Smith, calledrepparttar 125501 Warden andrepparttar 125502 Agency Medical Director, Dr. Willard Elyea, to stop my transfer beforerepparttar 125503 HCV treatments were completed. In a stunning development, Dr. Smith was told to "shut up and sit down, it's an administrative decision" and he had nothing to say inrepparttar 125504 matter. He was told this in front of me on December 6, 2000.

I was transferred torepparttar 125505 Menard Correction Center on December 7, 2000, just five months into my HCV medical treatments. The HCV treatments were working perfectly, as documented in my blood tests.

Within thirty five days of my transfer to Menard C.C., Dr. Adrian Feinerman,repparttar 125506 M.C.C. Medical Director, sabotaged my treatments by interruption ofrepparttar 125507 medication schedule and changingrepparttar 125508 brands of medications inrepparttar 125509 middle ofrepparttar 125510 treatments. This was done despiterepparttar 125511 clear medical warnings to never do so. Dr. Feinerman canceledrepparttar 125512 prescribed medical diet and canceledrepparttar 125513 prescribed sleeping medications that counterrepparttar 125514 Interferon induced insomnia. My previously successful HCV medical treatments began to rapidly reverse and fail, until they reached a point where Dr. Feinerman terminated my medical treatments, against my will and without my permission April 26, 2001, two months short ofrepparttar 125515 prescribed course of treatments.

I was left to rot in my prison cell after this, in extreme physical pain, with no medical treatment forrepparttar 125516 later documented severe stomach/ intestinal infection withrepparttar 125517 H. Pylori bacteria. Nor were there any treatments to easerepparttar 125518 documented side effects stemming fromrepparttar 125519 Hepatitis infection itself.

We are double celled with other prisoners here in Illinois. During this period I received as my cell mate, a man just newly released fromrepparttar 125520 infamous Illinois Death Row. He had a lovely lady from London visiting him, who he later married. She heard about my situation, what had transpired, how I was bedridden in my cell, physically exhausted and drained from bothrepparttar 125521 disease andrepparttar 125522 chemotherapy. She was horrified at what I had been put through by Dr. Feinerman andrepparttar 125523 prison HMO group "Health Professionals, Ltd." (HPL). This group is paid almost $7,000,000 per year to provide medical care torepparttar 125524 prisoners atrepparttar 125525 Menard C.C..

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