Jesus is calling you…

Written by Hannes Wessels

I have such a sense that 2005 isrepparttar year we choose to respond torepparttar 139337 call of Jesus Christ to move on to new and greater things. It is a choice we all have to make. Yes or no. No maybe or in between.

The Spirit ofrepparttar 139338 Living God is calling men and women to follow Jesus to a higher place. Jesus himself is calling you…. Are you going to follow Him or are you going to think up some valid sounding reason why you can’t this year…

We will discuss:

The call of Jesus to follow uprepparttar 139339 mountain What to expect going uprepparttar 139340 mountain. What awaits you atrepparttar 139341 top ofrepparttar 139342 mountain.

1. THE CALL Mark 3: 13: ”And He went up onrepparttar 139343 mountain and called to Him those He Himself wanted. And they came to Him.”

What an amazing scripture. There are a few main points in this that struck me.

Where was Jesus going? Jesus was going up a mountain. He was moving in a specific direction. He was leading. He had a purpose in mind that would change history.

‘He called to Him’ Jesus is calling us to Himself. To come with Him on this journey uprepparttar 139344 mountain. To follow Him for who He is. Jesus is today calling you. He is sayingrepparttar 139345 following:

“Come Son / Daughter, come to me – walk close with me and I will lead you up this mountain. There will be difficulty and challenges but I am calling you to come close to me. In being close to me I can show yourepparttar 139346 view fromrepparttar 139347 top, I can release you to achieve more than you ever dreamt of for me.”

I can almost picture Him ahead, looking back at you with His hand held out saying – come.

'Those He Himself wanted’ Jesus wants you. He really really wants you. Today as you hear this word, your heart is tugging because THAT is Jesus calling you BECAUSE He Himself WANTS you. He has chosen you because He loves who you are and wants you to be part of His journey uprepparttar 139348 mountain – torepparttar 139349 top. He wants your company. Your past does not matter, what matters is your choice today to say: Yes Jesus, I will come to You!

2. GOING UP THE MOUNTAIN Okay… so now you want to follow Him up this mountain. What does climbing up this mountain entail:

Commitment: You cannot decide to climb a mountain without some cost involved. Your commitment will determine if you achieverepparttar 139350 top or not. Are you going to push thru even when you have lost sight ofrepparttar 139351 top, even when all your buddies or family tell you that you are stupid, even when you can’t seem to see Jesus. Do you give up whenrepparttar 139352 going gets tough? Or are you committed to followrepparttar 139353 call of Jesus no matter what?


Written by Noorul Hussain K.

WHO IS WORTHY TO BE WORSHIPPED? We see people worship different gods. When we all sharerepparttar same air,repparttar 139223 same water,repparttar 139224 same sunshine,repparttar 139225 same sustenance,repparttar 139226 same earth etc., how can our Creator, Sustainer, Sovereign, Lord and God be different? We must not forget that we have been provided withrepparttar 139227 faculties of reason and intellect. We employ it to succeed in worldly affairs and to solve worldly problems. Having used it, we have discovered innumerable things. Similarly, we must employrepparttar 139228 same i.e.repparttar 139229 faculties of reason and intellect to discoverrepparttar 139230 true and real God, to succeed in spiritual affairs and to solve spiritual problems. To discoverrepparttar 139231 true and real God, we need to ponder onrepparttar 139232 following questions: 1) Who deserves to be worshipped and called as God?

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