Jekyll vs. Hyde, 2 Faces of Immortality!

Written by Richard Vegas

Meetrepparttar most important person you will ever meet in your life. You better! For sometime during your life you will meet him. He could appear very suddenly with such shock that his recognition will change your life forever.

When you finally do meet him he will reveal a great secret to you. The secret……that inside of you isrepparttar 117485 power that will attract everything in life you want. And, also repel it. Yuk.

This force onrepparttar 117486 inside of you has two faces. One hasrepparttar 117487 ability to attract wealth, success, happiness, love; Andrepparttar 117488 other....., hasrepparttar 117489 power to rob you of all your dreams.

One face of this power is what enables some people to climbrepparttar 117490 ladder of success and stay there all their lives. The other face, of this power, keeps some people atrepparttar 117491 bottom ofrepparttar 117492 ladder all their lives. And, that same face is what drags some people down fromrepparttar 117493 top ofrepparttar 117494 ladder torepparttar 117495 bottom.

Every adversity hasrepparttar 117496 seed of a Greater Benefit!

Oh yea, I hear some of you saying.. Listen, it's ok to sit on your pity pot now and then. Just remember to flushrepparttar 117497 thing when you're done. :>)

Let me give you an example. There was a little kid known as Clem Labine. In his day he was a great baseball pitcher. But, even while he was a youngster, he had a dream of playing baseball. One day an accident broke his index finger on his throwing hand.

It never did heal correctly and was crooked from that time on. Well, Clem thought his baseball days were over. He became very discouraged.

His coach told him that some things that appear to be disasters turn out to be blessings in disguise. It all depends on which FACE manifest's itself inrepparttar 117498 troubles that come your way.

Clem took his coach's advice and kept on playing. Soon he discovered thatrepparttar 117499 crooked finger allowed him to throwrepparttar 117500 wickedest curve ball that no other pitcher possessedrepparttar 117501 ability to throw.

All of a sudden, remember what we talked about inrepparttar 117502 first paragraph? "Suddenly"!! Clem metrepparttar 117503 most important person in his life. He metrepparttar 117504 power inside of him that would destine him for greatness. He met Barney Fife. Nah…… know I'm kidding.

Well, at that moment, Clem decided to flush his pity pot face. And when he did, he rose back torepparttar 117505 top ofrepparttar 117506 ladder just as surely asrepparttar 117507 other face had taken him torepparttar 117508 bottom. It all began with a change of attitude. I'm not minimizingrepparttar 117509 hard work, dedication, and constant effort he put forth. But, none of that would have been his salvation without a change of face.

The most important lesson he learned was this: You ready? It's simple. He learned to always look forrepparttar 117510 GOOD in his unfortunate situations. ATTITUDE. If you're looking forrepparttar 117511 good, you will find what you're looking for. I trust it's self-explanatory about looking throughrepparttar 117512 eyes of your other face.

Ok, It's time to setrepparttar 117513 prisoner free.

He used his new found attitude to setrepparttar 117514 prisoner free. Clem discoveredrepparttar 117515 prisoner was he. Have you set your prisoner free? Have you heardrepparttar 117516 quote, "I amrepparttar 117517 master of my fate, I amrepparttar 117518 captain of my soul?" You know why? Because we arerepparttar 117519 masters of our attitude.

How To Organize And Save Your Marketing Data Accurately...

Written by Detlev Reimer

If you are little bit like me when I started with Internet marketing, you'll often find yourself searching for your special bookmarks or free e-books/articles and software you downloaded.

Being subscribed to more than 20 ezines inrepparttar area of Internet marketing, I'm living proof that pieces of information which are really useful to you, can pile up very fast. If you don't have a system how to organize allrepparttar 117484 resources you've read about or articles you would like to use inrepparttar 117485 next issue of your ezine, you'll get lost.

It takes some time to preparerepparttar 117486 points which I will mention inrepparttar 117487 next sections of this article but it will be definitely worth it.

1.) Organize Your Harddisk And Directories

If you know how to create partitions (so you don't just have a C: harddisk but you can also have D: , E: etc.) on your harddisk, you should definitely do it. Create a partition called "Marketing" and save all your relevant data into separate folders on this "Marketing" partition.

If this is not possible, create a main directory called "MARKETING" on your harddisk C.

The way I do it isrepparttar 117488 following : I name my directories in order of importance e.g. 01-Ebooks, 02-My websites, 03-Marketing-Software 04-Web Design-Software etc. Then I create subdirectories within repparttar 117489 new folders. This means, in your "Ebooks"-folder create a directory for 01-Copywriting , 02-Viral Marketing , 03-Writing Sales Letters etc.

Every time I save relevant information to my harddisk, I also take care it is saved intorepparttar 117490 right folder. Conclusionally, if I save an e-book about Copywriting, I save it inrepparttar 117491 appropriate subfolder which would be e.g. D: 01-Ebooks and then 01-Copywriting and last but not leastrepparttar 117492 file name "copywriting.pdf" .

2.) Organize Your Bookmarks

Perhaps you are doing this already but nevertheless, I want to tell you how to improverepparttar 117493 effectiveness of your bookmarks. If you surfrepparttar 117494 web almost every day looking for useful information, you'll find dozens of web sites to be added on a regular basis.

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