Jasper – Travel to Canada’s Rocky Mountain Paradise

Written by Felicity Walker

Mentionrepparttar Canadian Rockies, and most people instantly think of Banff. Asrepparttar 145965 main tourist destination inrepparttar 145966 Rockies, Banff is very much a commercial town geared to tourism. But for those who like their Rockies a little quieter, 250 kilometres north is paradise -repparttar 145967 town of Jasper.

July and August arerepparttar 145968 peak times to visit Jasper, but if you don't mind colder weather and like your lakes frozen, you can avoid some ofrepparttar 145969 tourists by visiting inrepparttar 145970 few months either side. The weather can be haphazard, so allow a little flexibility in your plans.

Six kilometres south of Jasper is Whistler Mountain. If you visit early or late inrepparttar 145971 day, you will most likely hearrepparttar 145972 melodic sounds made byrepparttar 145973 whistling marmots living onrepparttar 145974 lower slopes ofrepparttar 145975 mountain. Early birds can also get cheaper tickets onrepparttar 145976 Whistler Mountain gondola. The terminus is at 2,500m, with spectacular views south torepparttar 145977 Columbia Icefields, and west to Mount Robson.

For those who prefer to look up at mountains, there are plenty of beautiful lakes close to town, all surrounded by snow topped peaks. Patricia and Pyramid Lakes, 8km north-west of town, are small and quiet. They have beaches just begging for picnickers to sit on them and admirerepparttar 145978 view after a tranquil lunch. Herds of elk and deer roamrepparttar 145979 area, and if you're very lucky, you may spot a coyote or a black bear.

Maligne Lake is south of Jasper, and isrepparttar 145980 largest ofrepparttar 145981 glacier fed lakes. A boathouse fromrepparttar 145982 1920s completesrepparttar 145983 storybook setting. There are a couple of excellent hikes inrepparttar 145984 area, taking full advantage ofrepparttar 145985 beautiful scenery.

Nearby is Maligne Canyon, a narrow cleft throughrepparttar 145986 rocks filled with roaring water duringrepparttar 145987 spring thaw. It's also home to a very active herd of big horn sheep, who can jump out of nowhere to startle tourists.

For those visitors who like more leisurely pursuits, it is possible to swim in Lakes Annette and Edith near town. Situated at around 1000m, they are popular duringrepparttar 145988 summer months, although it's still not advisable to take a lengthy swim inrepparttar 145989 icy waters.

After a few hard days of sightseeing, go for a leisurely drive about 40km towards Edmonton. Atrepparttar 145990 sleepy little town of Pocahontas (she certainly got around!) takerepparttar 145991 turnoff to Miette Hot Springs. The renovated spas contain two pools, and are a welcome respite for tired bodies. Onrepparttar 145992 way there you may be lucky enough to see mountain goats besiderepparttar 145993 road, although they're more likely to be perched on a cliff high above you.

Another excellent drive is route 93A, which wasrepparttar 145994 original road heading out of Jasper towards Banff. Now preserved as a scenic route,repparttar 145995 road offers a number of interesting stops. Keep your eyes open, particularly duringrepparttar 145996 quieter times early and late inrepparttar 145997 day, because wild life abounds here. Mother bears with their cubs have been seen chomping on berries right besiderepparttar 145998 road!

The aptly named "Meeting ofrepparttar 145999 Waters" marksrepparttar 146000 place where two rivers join together. Duringrepparttar 146001 spring thaw this meeting can make for spectacular waterworks. Further along, it is worth takingrepparttar 146002 time to visit Moab Lake. A pleasant walk ends withrepparttar 146003 magnificently sited lake, mountains hovering inrepparttar 146004 background.

Frequent Disneyland Travel and savings?

Written by VMT Singuillo

How many times have any of you visited Disneyland in California? Do you

frequently bring along your family or relatives with you? Probably if you visit

the theme park once a year only,repparttar entrance fee of approximately $50 per person

could probably be either too much or just enough depending on your financial


But what if you visitrepparttar 145907 place at least twice a year? What if your children want

to visitrepparttar 145908 place often? Are you willing to pay double or more? What if other

relatives come to visit you and ask you to bring them to Disneyland especially if

they are your nieces or nephews or someone who has come torepparttar 145909 US forrepparttar 145910 first

time and probably don't haverepparttar 145911 financial means as you do?

If you have been to Disneyland last April and May and you found out your relatives

are coming on December, you would have to pay again for yourself, wouldn't you?

And yet, if you want to go to allrepparttar 145912 rides and shows, going torepparttar 145913 place for a

day is not even enough - you'll have to pay again to enter on your next visit?

Here arerepparttar 145914 facts:

1. It used to be, Disneyland is only one theme park. Yet you can't finish allrepparttar 145915

rides and shows in one day only.

2. Disneyland has a sister theme park called California Adventure. To visit

California Adventure is also another day of activity and fun.

3. An entrance ticket of approximately $50 is just good for an entrance of a

individual to only one ofrepparttar 145916 theme parks.

4. Once you have entered Disneyland using your single entrance ticket, you can't

go to California Adventure anymore.

Question: Is there a cost saving means of visiting both parks anytime I want?

To those of you who wish to enjoyrepparttar 145917 place as much as you can,repparttar 145918 answer is a

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