Japanese weight loss secret.

Written by Mimi-chan

Recently, I read an article from Japanese magazine that by consuming agar-agar (dried-kanten) with our favorite teas, we can lose weight, and yet still maintain a feeling of fullness, according to Professor Takako Yasuoka of Yokohama Soei Junior College in Kanagawa. Because it was deemed safe,repparttar Japanese valued agar-agar as part of their diet from ancient times. In its dehydrated state of weight, agar-agar supposedly contains 81% of dietary fiber, which makes it a highest content of fiber among all foods! Due to its unique chemical property, when you dissolve agar-agar in boiled water and refrigerate it, it sets. So, when you consume agar-agar with your tea 10 minutes before your meal, you can attain a felling of fullness without overeating. Agar-agar is attained from various kinds of sea weeds. Agar-agar dissolves in boiling water at 80C and gets set below 40C.

10 Minute low calorie Thai Green Chicken Curry

Written by Carl Harris

Curry is great for a once a week treat at your local restaurant but here is one you can enjoy more often. It is a fantastic alternative to a regular calorific Thai curry. Itís lighter, quicker and easier. The killer in a lot of Thai cooking isrepparttar coconut milk which is quite high in fat and calories. Now Iím not a big follower of low fat foods but I donít seerepparttar 150051 point in consuming a huge amount fat or calories in one meal. I would rather knock out some ofrepparttar 150052 calories in dinner and then have desert. Lite coconut milk can be used as an alternative, but I experimented with other ingredients to replace it altogether. I found that pureed vegetables or a quality low fat creamy soup were both very successful and tasty.

Ingredients 2x Skinless Chicken breasts diced 1x Tbs Thai Green Curry paste 2x Handfuls of Beans/Bok Choy or something green 1x Diced Onion 1x Tetra Pack of Pumpkin Soup or Pureed Pumpkin 2x Cups of Rice

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