JW Marriott A Classy Golf Destination Resort in Las Vegas

Written by Kriss Hammond

JW Marriott A Classy Golf Destination Resort in Las Vegas

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The JW Marriott in Summerlin, a northwest suburb of Las Vegas, has a huge ceiling lobby, providing a cool, North African/Mediterranean type of desert motif. There is plentiful natural lighting and real jungly plants, makingrepparttar luxury resort glow inrepparttar 139390 late afternoon like sundown onrepparttar 139391 sand dunes, whenrepparttar 139392 day relents torepparttar 139393 evening Saharan brilliant night sky.

In certain parts ofrepparttar 139394 Sahara it has not rained for ten thousand years, and lately in Vegas, it has been eerily rain sparse. While staying atrepparttar 139395 JW Marriott, which is actually a Canadian managed brand ofrepparttar 139396 Marriott chain, I felt like I was in a 1930's newsreel, withrepparttar 139397 Marriott reminiscent of a Moroccan grand dame frontier fort, something out of Beau Gest. It is a wonderful resort sitting out amongstrepparttar 139398 retirementville enclave of Summerlin - giving it a sentinel loneliness, likerepparttar 139399 French Foreign Legion post that Gary Cooper left atrepparttar 139400 end ofrepparttar 139401 movie "Morocco", with Marlena Deitrich trailing forlorn and behind.

Where is Summerlin? Summerin is a 36 square mile, master planned community developed byrepparttar 139402 Howard Hughes Corporation. For many years Summerlin was ranked asrepparttar 139403 nation's best selling master planned community, according to an independent survey by Robert Charles Lesser & Company, a leading national real estate consultant.

There are actually two hotels here, or I should say two six-story towers, with 541 guest rooms and suites, located onrepparttar 139404 south and west end ofrepparttar 139405 immense resort. I heard throughrepparttar 139406 grapevine that other towers are planned. The Spa Tower has 286 rooms and suites The Palms Tower with 255 rooms and suites. Guest rooms offer interior views ofrepparttar 139407 gardens or panoramic views ofrepparttar 139408 Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area torepparttar 139409 west. Rent a bike or hikerepparttar 139410 area. You can seerepparttar 139411 glistening lights of Vegas torepparttar 139412 east, because you are actually inrepparttar 139413 foothills ofrepparttar 139414 Redrock area, known for it's outstanding climbing routes.

The size ofrepparttar 139415 guest rooms average about 560 square feet, and are very comfortable, with either king, queen or twin beds.What I really liked aboutrepparttar 139416 room wasrepparttar 139417 huge Jacuzzi tub that you could lay down in. Ahhh - now that is pleasure!

Pool and Gardens - The elaborate $12.5 million complex of gardens and pools covers acres. The gardens include an 11,000 square foot grass edged pool with waterfall and four 25-yard swimming lanes, plus two 250-square foot spa pools equipped with handicap lifts. The Marriott Las Vegas is landscaped with 3,500 trees, including more than 800 palms, and features a $1.5 million lighting system. There is 24-hour valet parking service.

My usual first stop at a hotel isrepparttar 139418 in-house lounge. This is where you getrepparttar 139419 latest lounge lizard and bartender's versions of how to run a good hotel, andrepparttar 139420 chance to check outrepparttar 139421 out-of-towners. It is my Nielsen poll.

The chit chat was subdued and sublime, with a shift change, so there wasn't much coming forth with fromrepparttar 139422 lounge bartender, just golf talk from a couple of packaged vacationers. After no major breaking news bulletins issued atrepparttar 139423 cozy lobby bar, I quickly drained my Heineken and spun away acrossrepparttar 139424 blond hardwood floors that could serve double duty in a line dance venue.

There are several restaurant presently atrepparttar 139425 JW Marriott. That evening I was inducted into fine Italian dining at Ceres, a formal and sedate dining venue - a sort of continental European atmosphere, with a very formal staff, held in check byrepparttar 139426 prim and proper restaurant manager, a step back to a Casablanca film figure. There we are back in Morocco. I really like Ceres, and they have a special room out towardsrepparttar 139427 back ofrepparttar 139428 restaurant that is private, but it was very hot - this wasrepparttar 139429 last legs of summer. So I shed my jacket like snakeskin.

Ceres, inrepparttar 139430 Spa Tower, overlooks waterfalls andrepparttar 139431 garden and serves classic seafood dishes. Ceres also has a five seat section with a large paned glass looking on torepparttar 139432 furiously working chefs. The chefs bring items torepparttar 139433 glass forrepparttar 139434 diners to check, and they explain how things are prepared. It was a unique touch. You can samplerepparttar 139435 food, too.

This is Ceres' claim to fame - and it is fame well deserved, so pass it around to your friends.

* King Crab Mediterranean Seafood Stew. * One pound of Alaska King Crab Legs. * Pan-Seared Oregano Salmon, with Citrus Pine Nut Toasted Israeli Couscous. with Olive Roman Tomatoes, and Italian Parsley Butter Broth. * Other fare includes Sea Bass, Snapper, Seafood Scampi, Lamb Chops, Steaks, Lobsters.

Everthing is served elegantly at Ceres. I pickedrepparttar 139436 Salmon, just because it soundedrepparttar 139437 most elegant. When it arrived, it was seared perfectly, crispy outside, and flakey onrepparttar 139438 inside, justrepparttar 139439 way I like it. Takerepparttar 139440 Oyster Rockefeller for an appetizer.

Many ofrepparttar 139441 other restaurants alongrepparttar 139442 Promenade atrepparttar 139443 J.W. Marriott are under seperate management, such as Hamada Of Japan (dinner only for steaks and sushi), OXO's (dinner only for steaks and seafoods), and Spiedini Restorante (Milanese for "Quick Roast", serving urban Italian cuisine). The Marriott team manages Ceres (not onrepparttar 139444 Promenade) andrepparttar 139445 fun and popular J.C. Wooloughan's (onrepparttar 139446 Promendade) . . .

Dude Ranch Golfing at the Double JJ in Michigan

Written by Jetsetters Magazine

Dude Ranch Golfing atrepparttar Double JJ in Michigan

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"Well," Evan Burt said, squinting inrepparttar 139389 afternoon sun, "I came here seven years ago for a summer job. And I'm still here."

Evan andrepparttar 139390 other ranch hands that epitomizerepparttar 139391 superior customer service evident everywhere atrepparttar 139392 Double JJ Ranch and Thoroughbred Golf Resort in Rothbury, Michigan made me want to stay there, too.

The ranch and golf resort are just north of Grand Haven on Michigan's "left coast". It prides itself on beingrepparttar 139393 only full-service dude ranch inrepparttar 139394 Midwest, according to a press release. The ranch opened in 1937 asrepparttar 139395 Jack and Jill Ranch and expanded its operations inrepparttar 139396 mid-90s. Facilities includerepparttar 139397 Back Forty, with a general store, ice cream parlor, a "Waterin' Hole" swimming complex with a 150' waterslide and a dining hall complete with a mechanical bull; andrepparttar 139398 ranch, offering horseback riding, archery and rifle ranges and canoeing onrepparttar 139399 Big Wildcat Lake. Winter activities are offered atrepparttar 139400 ranch also, from tubing and cross-country skiing to dog-sledding and snowmobiling. Cabins are available for lodging, as well as teepees and Conestoga wagons for families with children aged seven and older.

Unusual accommodations atrepparttar 139401 Double JJ include teepees and Conestoga Wagons for kids only; right - secluded Back 40 cabins. Below - The rustic "Loft" onrepparttar 139402 Thoroughbred Golf Course.

Other accommodations includerepparttar 139403 Thoroughbred Loft and Homestead Condominiums, both borderingrepparttar 139404 golf course. I stayed inrepparttar 139405 Loft, a gorgeous three-story rustic hotel with - gasp! -running water, television, telephone, a minifridge and even Jacuzzis in select suites. Don't expect plush carpeting or mahogany furnishings, but after a day onrepparttar 139406 ranch, you will welcomerepparttar 139407 room for what it was designed for - sleeping.

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