Written by Doug Krieger

Johann Tetzel “Scaring The Hell” Out Of Christians”


“It happened in 1517 that a Dominican monk named Johann Tetzel, a braggart, caused a great stir. Maximilian once sentenced him to drowning inrepparttar River Inn - presumably because of his great virtue - but Duke Frederick rescued him in Innsbruck fromrepparttar 143139 punishment of being drowned. Duke Frederick reminded him of this incident when he began to denounce us Wittenbergers. Actually, he admitted it quite openly. This same Tetzel now began to peddle indulgences. With might and main he sold grace for money as dearly or a cheaply as he could. Atrepparttar 143140 time I was preacher here inrepparttar 143141 cloister and was filled as a new doctor with an ardent love forrepparttar 143142 scriptures.

“He had grace and power fromrepparttar 143143 Pope to offer forgiveness even if someone had slept withrepparttar 143144 Holy Virgin Mother of God, as long as a contribution would be put intorepparttar 143145 coffer. “Furthermore,repparttar 143146 red Cross of indulgences andrepparttar 143147 papal coat of arms onrepparttar 143148 flag ofrepparttar 143149 churches was as powerful asrepparttar 143150 Cross of Christ. “Moreover, even if St. Peter were here now he would have no greater grace or power than he had.

“Furthermore, he would not want to trade places in heaven with St. Peter, for he had redeemed more souls with his indulgences than Peter with his sermons.

“Furthermore, if anyone put money intorepparttar 143151 coffer for a soul in purgatory,repparttar 143152 soul would leave purgatory for heaven inrepparttar 143153 moment one could hearrepparttar 143154 penny hitrepparttar 143155 bottom.

“Alsorepparttar 143156 grace of indulgences isrepparttar 143157 grace by which man is reconciled with God.

“Furthermore, it is not necessary to show remorse or sorrow or do penance for sins when purchasing indulgences or a letter of indulgence. He even sold indulgences for future sins. Such abominable things he did abundantly. He was merely interested in money. Atrepparttar 143158 time I did not yet know who was to getrepparttar 143159 money. Then there appeared a booklet withrepparttar 143160 illustrious coat of arms ofrepparttar 143161 Bishop of Magdeburg. In itrepparttar 143162 commissioners of indulgences were ordered to preach some ofrepparttar 143163 propositions. Thus it came to light that Bishop Albert had employed Tetzel, because he was such a braggart.” Source: Martin Luther, Wider Hans Worst, 1541. (WA 51, 538.)

“Atrepparttar 143164 time a Dominican monk named Johann Tetzel wasrepparttar 143165 great mouthpiece, commissioner, and preacher of indulgences in Germany. His preaching raised enormous amounts of money which were sent to Rome. This was particularlyrepparttar 143166 case inrepparttar 143167 new mining town St. Annaberg, where I, Friedrich Myconius, listened to him for over two years. The claims of this uneducated and shameful monk were unbelievable. Thus he said that even if someone had slept with Christ's dear Mother,repparttar 143168 Pope had power in heaven and on earth to forgive as long asrepparttar 143169 money was put intorepparttar 143170 indulgences coffer. And ifrepparttar 143171 Pope would forgive, God also had to forgive. He furthermore said if they would put money quickly intorepparttar 143172 coffer to obtain grace and indulgence, allrepparttar 143173 mountains near St. Annaberg would turn into pure silver. He claimed that inrepparttar 143174 very momentrepparttar 143175 coin rang inrepparttar 143176 coffer,repparttar 143177 soul rose up to heaven. Such a marvelous thing was his indulgence. In sum and substance: God was no longer God, as he had bestowed all divine power torepparttar 143178 Pope: 'Tu es Petrus, tibi dabo claves, quodcunque.' And then there wererepparttar 143179 masters ofrepparttar 143180 Inquisition, who banished and burned those saying conflicting words.” Source: Friedrich Myconius, Historia reformationis, p. 14.


I suppose thatrepparttar 143181 Reformation had as much to do aboutrepparttar 143182 excesses of religious money grubbing asrepparttar 143183 major doctrines ofrepparttar 143184 faith, viz., grace, Scripture (I mean, building St. Peter’s Basilica—a monument torepparttar 143185 Majesty ofrepparttar 143186 Almighty—surely, any price was worth it!) Fear mongering is NOT a new twist in religious fund raising—sorry to say. Reading Michael Clark and George Davis’ article on “And They Will Make Merchandise of You,” though shocking, scarcely (sad to say), scratchesrepparttar 143187 surface ofrepparttar 143188 Way of Cain or “Balaamrepparttar 143189 Braggart.” How is it thatrepparttar 143190 insidious nature ofrepparttar 143191 Prosperity Gospel has infected evenrepparttar 143192 “pure of heart?” Consider: Don’t give away your music CDs—otherwise, people will despise them and won’t value your work—same with all your “Christian literature” – ad nausea, ad infinitum! After all, “freely have you received, freely give”—isn’t that what Jesus said somewhere (try Matthew 10:8). And, consider this little ditty: Jan and Paul Crouch and their telethon reruns—allrepparttar 143193 while they hold nearly $238 Million in US Treasury Bonds! Ah, “What price prosperity!”


Written by Doug Krieger

Ascendency ofrepparttar United States of Europe asrepparttar 143138 "Revived Roman Empire" and ultimate base of a future Antichrist is finished! Why? For starters: The total rejection ofrepparttar 143139 European Union's Constitution by FRANCE! Isn't it about time to wake up and smellrepparttar 143140 coffee, roses, or something dead? The American New World Order System trumps all bases for a future Antichrist. Sorry, Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye--the 11th Horn of Daniel isrepparttar 143141 elephant inrepparttar 143142 photo, not that silly little, ten-toed, Euro-Canary sitting onrepparttar 143143 behemoth!


By Doug Krieger

French Reject EU Constitution—We Await Chirac’s Resignation! The anticipated rejection byrepparttar 143144 French ofrepparttar 143145 much vaunted United States of Europe, and its Constitution (the vote in France was 45% for and 55% against), conclusively demonstrates, once again, European political and economic ineptitude compared to that ofrepparttar 143146 United States of America—the Dutch are soon to followrepparttar 143147 French (Notwithstanding,repparttar 143148 toilet (a French word) was invented by a Brit byrepparttar 143149 name of Thomas Crapper not by a Frenchman.) Imagine,repparttar 143150 extremity of European cultural diversity, language, religion, and history have all come full circle to highlight centuries of particularism, political fratricide, and religious intolerance—none of which could convincerepparttar 143151 European mindset that “unity with variety” would lead to a multipolar world in which Europe would function asrepparttar 143152 political/economic counterweight torepparttar 143153 unipolar world ofrepparttar 143154 United States of America. The French originally spearheadedrepparttar 143155 European Union’s quest for economic and political integration . . . withrepparttar 143156 British providing noble resistance and forever frustrating “efforts” indirectly on behalf ofrepparttar 143157 USA (Note: The USA from time to time gave tepid support, but all along it was only because it might be to her economic and political advantage.) The entire notion thatrepparttar 143158 French would abandon their social safety net by opening up their labor markets to plumbers from Poland was ludicrous “The treaty's rejection in a bitterly contested referendum in France -repparttar 143159 architect ofrepparttar 143160 European project - could setrepparttar 143161 Continent's plans back by years and amounts to a personal humiliation forrepparttar 143162 veteran French leader (President Jacques Chirac). Treaty opponents chanting ‘We won!’ gathered at Place de la Bastille, a symbol of rebellion where angry crowds in 1789 stormedrepparttar 143163 prison and sparkedrepparttar 143164 French Revolution. Cars blared their horns and ‘No’ campaigners thrust their arms intorepparttar 143165 air. ‘This is a great victory,’" said Fabrice Savel, 38, fromrepparttar 143166 working-class suburb of Aubervilliers. He was distributing posters that read: ‘No to a free-market Europe.’” Viva la USA As a result of all this Euro-nonsense and eco-politico-posturing (man, what a waste of time and money),repparttar 143167 much-touted EURO—that economic counterweight, that renaissance of European leadership—collapsed to its lowest 2005 level againstrepparttar 143168 almighty dollar ($1.25 EU).

No matter what kind of united face-saving device you put on this (Noterepparttar 143169 inane remarks of Gerhard Schroeder of Germany): The European Union (as a counterweight torepparttar 143170 USA) is dead! And . . . something else smells liked it’s dead . . . and that’s what we here atrepparttar 143171 Tribnet wish to point out to those who know thatrepparttar 143172 New American World Order System is not about to be challenged by our European forebears and erstwhile upstarts who know NOTHING about how to become a unified economic, military, and political power under girded by moral authority based uponrepparttar 143173 so-called Judeo-Christian ethic. What might that eschatological conclusion be? You guessed it: It is a total farce to conceive, sincerepparttar 143174 turn ofrepparttar 143175 20th Century, that USA ascendancy could ever be challenged byrepparttar 143176 effete Europeans and, consequently,repparttar 143177 BASE of Antichrist is not found inrepparttar 143178 squalid political and economically deficient European quagmire but inrepparttar 143179 New Rome: The United States of America. Furthermore,repparttar 143180 Europeans, especiallyrepparttar 143181 isolated French, are so intimidated (and rightly so) by FREE MARKETS (viz.,repparttar 143182 overt intrusion byrepparttar 143183 multi-nationals—led by US corporate interests—epitomized byrepparttar 143184 WTO, IMF and World Bank)—that their idiotic celebration ofrepparttar 143185 EU Constitution’s defeat only beliesrepparttar 143186 vacuous pride they have in their insipid ignorance ofrepparttar 143187 world formed byrepparttar 143188 Merchants ofrepparttar 143189 Earth who delight to feed atrepparttar 143190 trough of Babylonrepparttar 143191 Great. Don’t think my seemingly prideful remarks are aimed atrepparttar 143192 French—no; they’re aimed atrepparttar 143193 evangelicals ofrepparttar 143194 USA who haven’t a clue as to what’s been happening (politically, economically, and even religiously) since Manifest Destiny under Teddy Roosevelt kickedrepparttar 143195 Spanish out ofrepparttar 143196 New World. First of all, and for those of you out there who ponderrepparttar 143197 following “food fight” amongst us Premillenarians as naught but asinine theological posturing (perhaps interesting but absurdly irrelevant inrepparttar 143198 sum total of whatever counts), let me assure you—there’s a whole lot of present-day implications on what’s going down around us and how we live in our world as a result of these “ridiculous” observations. Here’s where we start . . . a few quotes and comments (yours truly) from well-meaning, but totally offrepparttar 143199 mark brethren who wish to remain patriotic Americans will suffice: “The mention of a core Europe or a core group of European nations resonates with Bible prophecy inrepparttar 143200 books of Daniel and Revelation. It concerns a latter-day revival ofrepparttar 143201 Roman Empire. The prophet Daniel predicts that a group of 10 ‘kings’ (national leaders) will give rise to a frightening union that will fulfill many end-time prophecies. Depending onrepparttar 143202 decision ofrepparttar 143203 French, and laterrepparttar 143204 Dutch voters,repparttar 143205 coming weeks may give some hint torepparttar 143206 answer torepparttar 143207 Economist’s intriguing question: ‘And What Happens torepparttar 143208 Beast Now?’”

Imagine, brother Hal could say these remarks knowingrepparttar 143209 demise ofrepparttar 143210 EU Constitution, and, ipso facto,repparttar 143211 United States of Europe—what prophetical insight do we witness here! Come on Hal, get withrepparttar 143212 program. Your prognostications are so outmoded that even you know thatrepparttar 143213 canary (really a crane) onrepparttar 143214 elephant is notrepparttar 143215 base of Antichrist, butrepparttar 143216 elephant itself!! I repeat on behalf ofrepparttar 143217 hard of seeing,repparttar 143218 bird representsrepparttar 143219 fine efforts of Chirac and Schroeder,repparttar 143220 elephant—apparently utterly indifferent torepparttar 143221 free ride he’s providing forrepparttar 143222 crane—representsrepparttar 143223 European nemesis,repparttar 143224 American New World Order System. HAL’S TEN TOES AND THE THREE HORNS RIPPED UP—A LESSON IN WORLD HISTORY 1 A meaningful, but brief digression, is in order before I get back to well-meaning brethren (and, incidentally, since most of them are Premillenarian, believing thatrepparttar 143225 Kingdom of Heaven is yet to manifest itself uponrepparttar 143226 earth throughrepparttar 143227 miraculous intervention ofrepparttar 143228 Second Coming of Christ, my only intention here is to hit them overrepparttar 143229 theological head to get their attention vis-à-vis American hegemony andrepparttar 143230 consequences of its neglect).

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