Itchin' For Some Nichin'

Written by Ken Nadreau

The whole idea of Niche Marketing is exciting! The possibilities are endless, as there are literally millions of people surfingrepparttar web, repparttar 108379 vast majorities of whom are here for two reasons . . .

Namely, to learn something or to buy something!

The trick, for a salesperson, is to find out what it is they're looking for and get it into their hands.

Niche marketing narrows downrepparttar 108380 whole process of supply and demand. It enables you to pinpointrepparttar 108381 products or services that are most sought after, and concentrate on those. This is helpful because most people who come torepparttar 108382 Internet are searching for a specific item or piece of information, and they don't want to invest in a whole lot of time and expense having to wade through stuff they aren't interested in or want.

It gives an eBook marketerrepparttar 108383 ability to produce informational products much faster than in a more generalized market because he or she is focusing on one issue and so is not required to include all repparttar 108384 details of how one arrives atrepparttar 108385 particular question.

For example, takerepparttar 108386 idea of "niche marketing" itself. When one proceeds to write about it, it's already a given fact that most people who want to know what it is or how it's done do not need to know everything there is to know about Internet Marketing as a whole.

The given is that, if they are curious about niche marketing, they most probably have already looked intorepparttar 108387 more generalized category and don't need to get into it again. All one has to do then, when explaining niching, is to use references torepparttar 108388 general category if need be.

So it becomes a much simpler process of writing aboutrepparttar 108389 specific area of Internet Marketing called Niche Marketing. Simpler usually means faster, faster means more production and a greater ability to get product out asrepparttar 108390 demands and trends change!

Niching also opensrepparttar 108391 playing field wide, because it allows a marketer to niche his or her niche down even more specifically into smaller and smaller niches. Now, under normal circumstances, this might be considered marketing suicide, becauserepparttar 108392 smaller and more focusedrepparttar 108393 topic,repparttar 108394 lessrepparttar 108395 odds of finding a large grouping of people wanting to know it.

Press Release - Man's Restored Image

Written by Gloria Minatti

**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** EDITORS: For review copies or interview requests, contact: Promotional Services Department Tel: 800-839-8640 ext. 244 Fax: 812-961-3133 Email:

Gloria Minatti Man's Restored Image Ministries Inc. (301) 404-7447 Office (240) 524-8406 Fax (Please provide a street address for review copies.)

Manís Restored Image Author Offers Motivational Story Inspired by Basketball Legend Michael Jordan

LAUREL, MD. ---- In her riveting new book, Manís Restored Image (now available through AuthorHouse,, Barnes &, Gloria Minatti depicts mankind in all its attributes - spiritually, mentally and physically.

The book announces humankindís beginning and heralds it end. It leads humanity on a path never before walked due to peopleís fears ofrepparttar unknown and brings outrepparttar 108378 true authentic potential within every man and woman. Its conception was inspired greatly byrepparttar 108379 authorís personal and spiritual encounter with basketball legend Michael Jordan, whose strength, vitality and focus are major themes inrepparttar 108380 book.

In 1998, God revealed his destiny to Minatti, and from that unforgettable meeting, she was inspired to write this spiritual, motivational story, which encompasses innumerable aspects of Godís plan for humanity.

Manís Restored Image provides a map for lifeís journey and incorporates meditation and proper breathing as guides. Coming full circle, it depicts manís beginning and exemplifies his gestation of life. Minatti leads readers into a maze of information and knowledge that catapults them into an entirely new dimension of living. By revealing God by His ways and not just His acts,repparttar 108381 author shows that one can be religious without ever fully knowing God.

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