It pays to ask, listen, and then act.

Written by Brian Holte

Do you have a visitor survey on your site? If not, you should. Your missing out on a golden opportunity to cash in. Let me explain. I operate a site that offers my visitors free ebooks but I also ask them specifically what their interested in and for them to give me their email address. Beside’s having my weekly newsletter which covers ebook related topics like research, development, brainstorming and allrepparttar rest, I open sub-mailing lists depending on THEIR topic of interest. Not everyone is interested in justrepparttar 127214 research , development, and brainstorming of ebooks. I can’t read my visitors mind, neither can you. This is a great way to get “inside” your visitors head and find out what their “specifically” looking for. I have a variety of ebooks on my site but one day it occurred to me, do I really have what people want? How would I know besides looking at log files, and then keyword searches are pretty general in nature at times, right? Thanrepparttar 127215 light bulb went on in my head. All you have to do is ask


Written by Michael Lau

Cylindrical/Tubular door locks, Mortise locks, Handle sets, Lever sets, Deadbolt, Fire-rated

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