It is time to become a web hosting reseller

Written by Abdillahi Abdillahi

As we knowrepparttar web hosting industry is a multi billion dollar market that has became easy and automated which enables anyone to offer high quality web hosting services without spending a lot money so if you buy a reseller hosting package today then you will be running your own web hosting company overnight inrepparttar 134368 same time estimatingrepparttar 134369 sure profits that you will make.

Everyday people from all overrepparttar 134370 world start new hosting companies by buying a reseller hosting package from a hosting company .There are many reasons which make people start hosting companies andrepparttar 134371 following are some of them but are not limited to.

Add more value to your current business .

Adding a web hosting service to your current business will add more value to it.No matter what kind of business you are in you can add web hosting service to it.

You will be able to offer many different services to your current customers includingrepparttar 134372 most important one which is web hosting because everyone wants to have a site online these days for many purposes.

Increase your monthly income.

When you add web hosting service to your current business then you increase your monthly income by 100%. Lets suppose you have 200 web design customers who spend $5.00 per month for web hosting service which you outsource to a web hosting company .

And now by calculating what these customers of yours spendrepparttar 134373 outsourced hosting services then it will be $1,000 .So as you can see you are losing $1,000.

Wouldn't it be better if you offer them your web design service plus web hosting service and increase your monthly income by 100% ? Sure it is.

Even if you are not a web designer and have another service that has nothing to do with hosting but still you can offer hosting services to your current customers inrepparttar 134374 same time increase your income. So add web hosting service to your current business and see your income souring.

Set your own prices .

When you buy a reseller hosting package and start your own web hosting company then you will be able to set your own prices and be your own boss. You will be able to charge your customers what you want . Bill themrepparttar 134375 way you want.

You can even offer free hosting to whoever you want to offer . Also can set lower prices compared torepparttar 134376 prices ofrepparttar 134377 hosting company which you boughtrepparttar 134378 hosting reseller package from in that way you can get many customers in no time inrepparttar 134379 same time make profits.

How to find good Web Hosting for your site!

Written by Jonathan White

When building your first siterepparttar main things that you will probably think about is what types of content you will be adding to your site, how you are going to get visitors to your site and how you are going to generate good revenue from your site.

Well, all ofrepparttar 134367 things mentioned above are crucial things to consider, but then again, what’srepparttar 134368 point in thinking about them if you can’t even get a good Web host to host your site with. If you choose a Web host that has a poor service then it can do more damage to your site than good. If your sites host goes down often then your site will also go down and your visitors will get annoyed and will go elsewhere. Your sites earnings will decline and many people online will ignore your site, as people will start to think that your site is down more than what it’s up.

So now you are probably thinking to yourself, “where and how can I find a good Web host to host my site with, which is also reasonably priced?”

If you need a Web host that is reasonably priced so that you can make more profit fromrepparttar 134369 turnover of your site, then a good place to start looking is by using a few Web hosting directories. You could start by using

Ok! Now your probably think “why would I want to use a Web hosting directory as they contain many Web hosting providers and not all of them are likely to be good.”

The main reasons why you should use a Web hosting directory to find a Web host is so that you can easily find and compare a large amount of Web hosting providers that offerrepparttar 134370 services that you need to run your site successfully. You can also compare each Web host’s prices against each other and then you will be able to find a reasonably priced Web host.

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