Written by Michael Hein

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If you had a dollar for every 'Big Promise' onrepparttar Internet, you might really be a MILLIONAIRE now!

Sick of hearing others telling you how much they make online? Want to exploitrepparttar 102475 potential ofrepparttar 102476 Internet but don't know how? Want to work from home and be your own boss? Ever dreamed of setting up a 100% automated sales system that worked while you're on holiday with your family onrepparttar 102477 other side ofrepparttar 102478 world? Likerepparttar 102479 idea of a secure monthly residual income with unlimited potential? If your answer is YES to any ofrepparttar 102480 above, then you've come torepparttar 102481 right place!

Welcome to CASHCulture! Whether you landed here by recommendation or by chance, by visiting this site, you've just taken your first step to financial freedom!

There are many websites onrepparttar 102482 Internet claiming that they can make you rich overnight. Other so-called 'experts' charge extortionate amounts for e-books, promising to revealrepparttar 102483 secrets of Internet marketing which can make you millions. But you never sawrepparttar 102484 money, right?

Exactly! Top Dogs like to brag about their marketing secrets, but I'll let you in on one NOT-SO-BIG secret...

There is no BIG SECRET! It's simply matter of having something to sell, knowing how to sell it and then havingrepparttar 102485 right tools to sell it!

That's right. To be successful onrepparttar 102486 Internet, you've got to have a great product, know how to market it and haverepparttar 102487 right tools to market it with -- it's almost obvious when you think about it... but it's amazing how people take shortcuts, jump inrepparttar 102488 deep end and then wonder why they're not making money!

Let's face it -- it's not that easy forrepparttar 102489 average Joe to make money onrepparttar 102490 Internet. First, you have to actually have a product to sell. And not just any product either -- you have to have a great product that's in high demand. Next, you have to learnrepparttar 102491 ways of marketing... but where do you start? The Internet is full of fragmented pieces of poor quality information, and who hasrepparttar 102492 time to evaluate some over-hyped magic marketing formula? Last, and perhaps most importantly of all, you have to actually sellrepparttar 102493 product. And not just any old tacky excuse of a selling system either -- you need a tool that actually helps you increase sales. A tool that send out personalized messages and follow-ups, so that you can turnrepparttar 102494 maximum number of 'not-so-sure' prospects into 'Thank you, come again!' happy customers. Best of all, you need a system that is 100% automated.

Imagine then, a system that has it all. A great product, top quality marketing education and a selling system that will completely and automatically followrepparttar 102495 customer through from first contact to actually completingrepparttar 102496 sale, all while you are onrepparttar 102497 beach with your family onrepparttar 102498 other side ofrepparttar 102499 world.

Introducing... CASHCulture!

CASHCulture isrepparttar 102500 revolutionary system that gives you everything you need to achieve your financial destiny. The CASHCulture membership includes high quality core features that are fundamental to your online success:

A great product... Professional Web Hosting: Having a website isrepparttar 102501 fundamental building block of any successful online business. As a fully fledged web hosting company with our own servers and equipment in a world-class datacenter, CASHCulture is able to provide ultra-fast, reliable hosting with full technical support. Did you know... over 2 million domains are registered every month, and they all require web hosting to be used. Even if it only cost $5 a month to host a website, that's $1.4 BILLION a year! A product in high demand? You bet. And it's a HUGE market!

Top Class business and marketing education... The Make Money University: As a CASHCulture member, you receive top quality business and marketing resources, including step-by-step tutorials in proven marketing strategies. We even show you how to create a successful website. Learning has never been so easy. Whether you are a marketing beginner or seasoned netrepreneur, CASHCulture provides top quality educational materials, taking you byrepparttar 102502 hand in your journey from starting a new business to achieving financial freedom.

And a fully automated selling system that actually INCREASES your sales! VenBot AutoResponder: Research shows that over 95% of your visitors will NEVER buy anything from your website on their first visit. It often takes not 4, not 5 but SEVEN exposures before they make their purchase... If you don't makerepparttar 102503 sale on their first visit, they may leave your website, NEVER TO RETURN AGAIN...

The solution is to follow up with your prospective customers. Inrepparttar 102504 online marketing world,repparttar 102505 fortune is inrepparttar 102506 follow-up!

Now imagine... A system so automated that it gathers information from prospective customers on your website, sends out sales messages and follows up with them 100% automatically forrepparttar 102507 next day, week, month or even year. This amazing system will continue to deliver sales information and follow-up messages right up torepparttar 102508 point where your prospects arrive at your payment page, where you closerepparttar 102509 sale. Spend less time and effort, and make your sales skyrocket!

The Value of Value

Written by Ryan Hamner

In designing your content, for whatever it may be, it is crucial to focus on value. In particular, I am talking aboutrepparttar value of your website's content. This is what will ultimately build repeat traffic to your website and gainrepparttar 102474 trust of your visitors.

So you might send 2 million emails every week inviting folks to your website, but what good is traffic if you can't hold a visitor's attention, if you can't provide useful information and establish credibility. If you can establish yourself (your website) as an authority onrepparttar 102475 subject matter you represent, then you can gain your visitor's trust, and when visitors and potential customers trust you, that is when

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