It Is Possible to Have Style AND a Savings Account

Written by Melissa Tosetti

I used to wonder how my coworkers could affordrepparttar latest and greatest fashions. Despiterepparttar 147854 fact that we all took homerepparttar 147855 same meager salary, they walked inrepparttar 147856 door every week with a new outfit. I walked inrepparttar 147857 door withrepparttar 147858 same sloppy jeans and sweater. It took a few years before I realized that their clothes were actually owned by Visa and MasterCard. This was a realization I made without ever looking at their credit card statement. I could seerepparttar 147859 stress in their eyes. Byrepparttar 147860 time they paid off that sweater set, sweater sets were out of style. They were on a Fashion Hamster Wheel.

My coworker Jessica was different. She was always tastefully dressed, her clothes predatingrepparttar 147861 next fashion trend. Almost every time I asked her where she got her clothes she told me she bought them at a thrift store. There was something else about Jessica’s style that no one else had – serenity. She had zero debt. She was in full control of her life and it was palpable. It’s no coincidence that she bought her first home when she was just 24 years old.

Long Distance Relationships – Not Always a Bad Thing

Written by Eden Tuin

You hate it, but it's happened –repparttar love of your life has to travel abroad. Will it be days, weeks, or even months before you'll see them again? Many people have had to face this situation, and what many of them never consider isrepparttar 147623 ways in which it can make your relationship stronger.

Sure, you loserepparttar 147624 physical closeness, and that's a hard blow to handle. But you can also focus on other aspects of your relationship without distractions. When isrepparttar 147625 last time you've had a deep conversation with your lover? Maybe even discussing your desires, fantasies, and ambitions?

The saying 'Distance makesrepparttar 147626 heart grow fonder' is true in many ways. In a long term relationship, sometimes you find yourself wishing you could get some time to yourself. The commitments of a family, job, and other things that life throws at you can sometimes make this impossible.

Takingrepparttar 147627 time that your lover is away to not only improve your communication betweenrepparttar 147628 two of you, but to also improve yourself, can make a huge difference in your relationship and life.

If you've always wanted to get fit, take up a new hobby, or just changerepparttar 147629 track your life is headed on,repparttar 147630 time while your lover is away is a good chance to take to do so. Just think how thrilled they would be to come home and see you healthy, or having fun with a new hobby. It would also help to take their mind off worrying that you might cheat.

You will need to focus onrepparttar 147631 relationship as well, but in ways different from what you have done normally. Since you won't haverepparttar 147632 physical closeness, you will have to find other ways in which to compensate forrepparttar 147633 distance. Nightly phone calls, talking over voice chat software, or seeing each other on web cams can help alleviate this a lot. I'm sure you can think of some other fun things to do over those too!

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