It Could Happen To You - Part 1

Written by Elena Fawkner

No, I'm not talking aboutrepparttar warm and fuzzy movie that was on cablerepparttar 108327 other night with Nicholas Cage and Brigitte Fonda. I'm talking about another type of experience altogether - one of repparttar 108328 decidedly cold and nasty variety.

You know what cybersquatting is, right? It's when someone registers a domain name that heretofore has been someone else's trademark, withrepparttar 108329 intent to holdrepparttar 108330 name for ransom. Sometimes these people identify trademarks inrepparttar 108331 market place and snap uprepparttar 108332 domain name figuring that, sooner or later,repparttar 108333 owner ofrepparttar 108334 trademark is going to want to registerrepparttar 108335 domain name and may even be prepared to pay handsomely forrepparttar 108336 privilege.

Other times, and this may even be worse, these trolls seize domain names that have lapsed due to their owners failing to renew them in time. Whenrepparttar 108337 former owner tries to renew they soon learn to their horror that someone else has gazzumped them and are demanding several hundreds or thousands of dollars to return their property to them. As reprehensible as this practice is, there's nothing new about it andrepparttar 108338 courts are chock-full of cases brought byrepparttar 108339 outraged victims. ] But put *yourself* inrepparttar 108340 shoes ofrepparttar 108341 poor person who has unwittingly allowed her domain name registration to lapse only to find that "Dave Web" is nowrepparttar 108342 rightful owner and wants $550 from you to give it back.

Now put yourself into these size elevens ... not only has Dave Web kidnapped your domain name,repparttar 108343 very one that used to point torepparttar 108344 site containing all of your hard work forrepparttar 108345 past three years,repparttar 108346 domain name that is synonymous with your hard-earned reputation, not only that ... it now points somewhere else.

To a porn site.

We have now graduated from "mere" cybersquatting to criminal extortion. Not to mention criminal defamation.

This, believe it or not, is what happened to Jan Tallent-Dandridge just this week. Many of you will know Jan asrepparttar 108347 publisher of Rim Digest ( You may also be familiar with her other websites, and, although if you tried to visitrepparttar 108348 latter site today, you'd get a rather unpleasant surprise. This isrepparttar 108349 domain name hijacked by Dave Web.

To give yourepparttar 108350 background to this sorry tale, I asked Jan's permission to reprint her email to me

"... I had a domain name,, for over two years but did not renew it. Instead I set up as a mirror and quit running ads, swaps, etc. forrepparttar 108351 old name.

"When it came up for renewal, I was going to renew it just to keep it from being used for a year or so as I still had ads and link swaps out there I could not track down.

"Network solutions would not releaserepparttar 108352 name to me without my paying them $70 for 2 years and THEN transferring it somewhere else. I felt this was ridiculous since, etc. are only $10 or so a year.

"I did not renew in time and when I did try, about a week afterrepparttar 108353 cancellation date, it was "in purge", to quote NS, and I would have to wait 30 days or so for it to become available again.

"During this time an individual bought it somehow and offered it back to me for $550.00.

The Secrets to a Great Domain Name in 5 Easy Steps

Written by Joe Chapuis

Before you register another domain name, here are a few things you should know that will save you some time and money:

- what your domain name should REALLY say - how to find a great name that will get you noticed - where to register a domain name for aboutrepparttar price of a pizza

For starters, donít think of your domain name as simply a title for your business or web site. You should think of it as a headline - something that appeals directly torepparttar 108326 wants, needs, and desires of your target market.

It probably doesn't hurt to use "your" name ( But, you really should be thinking about a name fromrepparttar 108327 perspective of your clients and prospects. I hate to tell you, but they donít care about your name (or you, for that matter). People want benefits and solutions, and you should be telling your prospects what benefit they will receive by doing business with you - in a great domain name.

Despite what you might think, allrepparttar 108328 good ones are not taken. Granted, generic one-word names (i.e., are not available or are very expensive if for sale - but thatís OK. There are alternatives, and good ones.

Step 1: Brainstorm some ideas. Make a list of keywords related to your business. Include some powerful, emotion-stirring adjectives, or at least words that might pique oneís curiosity. Put them together in two or three word combinations. Get creative.

Step 2: Go to, where you can search up to 30 names at once for free - a HUGE time saver. Iíve had good experiences with them. You can register names through them for $9.99 (unfortunately, they've got a ten name minimum forrepparttar 108329 first purchase.) Also, try where you can look for hidden gems amongrepparttar 108330 millions of recently deleted domain names (names that were once registered and are now available). You can also search by entering multiple keywords, and combinations of these words are automatically checked. Nifty.

If youíre really serious about finding good domain names, visit They offer a wonderful program called Domain Name Analyzer which can help you quickly and easily locate a great name. It belongs inrepparttar 108331 toolbox of any online professional - and itís free.

Step 3: When you find something you like, before you takerepparttar 108332 plunge, ask a few people what they think. Get an objective opinion from someone who could be your customer. How does it sound if you say it out loud? If you advertise onrepparttar 108333 radio, you better make sure it's clear.

Remember: this isnít 1994 - you can only be so choosey when it comes to selecting names. The one you really have your heart on may be taken. If it is, but doesnít appear to be in use, contactrepparttar 108334 owner and ask if itís available. Detailed name and contact information can usually be found by doing a search at

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