"It Costs More to Spend Less"

Written by Holly Cotter

Almost everyone starts a home business so they can EARN money. Often, finances are tight andrepparttar temptation is to spend as little money as possible to get your business offrepparttar 117561 ground. While it's a good idea to get rid of unnecessary expenses, to build a PROFITABLE business there are certain essential items in which you MUST invest...

=> The cost of remaining active in your program.

This isrepparttar 117562 minumum monthly investment you must make to remain eligible for commissions. It makes no sense to work a business if you are not eligible to receive payment forrepparttar 117563 work you do.

=> The cost of any tools you need to work your business.

This includes long distance phone calls, autoresponders, postage, etc. If you don't spend money onrepparttar 117564 tools you need to work your business, you won't be able to perform necessary tasks and your business will come to a halt.

=> The cost for advertising.

Advertising is ESSENTIAL to building any type of business. If you don't advertise, nobody will know your product or service exists, and you will never earn a profit.

Okay, so you agree that what I've said so far makes sense but...this month money is really tight. You are thinking "What harm can it do to skip one month of advertising? I'll save some money, and next month I'll start advertising again."

This type of thinking can KILL your business! Let me give you an example from one ofrepparttar 117565 programs in which I am involved:

Monthly Program Cost: $ 60 Monthly Tools Cost: $ 25 Monthly Advertising Cost: $150 TOTAL MONTLY COST: $235

With this program, within 6 months people are atrepparttar 117566 point where all their monthly costs are covered and they are earning a profit...IF they invest $235 as outlined above EVERY month.

Survival of the Fittest--Building Your Business

Written by Livvie Matthews

With allrepparttar other businesses out there you must find a way to market your business uniquely (a “niche”) causing it to stand out from amongrepparttar 117560 rest.

Be prepared to work at building your business. You must build relationships with your customers and fellow netpreneurs by building a good reputation, one customer at a time.

So what does this have to do withrepparttar 117561 Internet? Or maybe you are thinking, "How does this apply to me. I don't even see or talk to my customers, it's all automated."

Even withrepparttar 117562 overwhelming size ofrepparttar 117563 Internet andrepparttar 117564 online businesses, business still boils down to people, people make decisions based on 'relationships', and relationships are made, one-on-one.

Know Your Customers… This one-to-one marketing is also known as customer relationship management. Online, I call it Internet relationship management and it's accomplished by providing absolutely outstanding service to your online customers.

Lay A Solid Foundation… Start by building a good reputation. Present yourself as reliable, honest and trustworthy, a person who knows what you are doing, be a person of your word, and foremost…always put your customer first.

Enthusiasm is exciting and contagious! Be confident and competent in your business. The customer will get caught up in your enthusiasm.

Build relationships with your customers and fellow netpreneurs. Make your web site, ezine and products “user friendly” by asking for their participation and their opinions. Let them get to know you and your business. Onrepparttar 117565 Internet, you can build both personal and business relationships without actually “meeting” someone.

E-Mail Priority E-mail is torepparttar 117566 online line customer whatrepparttar 117567 telephone is torepparttar 117568 storefront business...It isrepparttar 117569 lifeline.

Answer all your e-mail inquiries as soon a possible. Try to make it a priority to respond within 24 hours. This demonstrates a lot about you, your business practices and it also reflects your character. Be as helpful and as personable as possible.

Remember you once needed help too. Most ofrepparttar 117570 time these people will become customers and subscribe to your ezine as well.

Publish Your Own Ezine… This is one ofrepparttar 117571 best business-building tools onrepparttar 117572 Internet and it is not hard to do. There are sites that offer free Ezine templates and many sites from which to get “free content” articles for placing in your Ezine (use BizyBodies.com’s free content articles).

Ezine publishing allows you to market to your database of customers and prospects, with new offers, updates on your site or products, resources and any other information you have to make available. Atrepparttar 117573 same time sending a timely ezine keeps your name and information in front of your customers and prospects.

Write and Submit Articles… By farrepparttar 117574 best business-building resource and most powerful form of free advertising onrepparttar 117575 Internet! Share your knowledge, experience and expertise and receive free publicity by writing articles.

Writing isrepparttar 117576 most important skill you can learn for online marketing. This establishes you as an expert in your field while building your reputation and business, plus giving you author status. This is another way of keeping your information in front of people.

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