It Can Happen To You

Written by Jane Langdon

The dot com business is alive and well for those wanting to pursue it. What if you don’t know how to use a computer? Can anyone have twenty successful businesses onrepparttar internet in four years? Six years ago Jane Langdon did not know how to turn on a computer. Today she has twenty successful internet businesses. You can too.

It all started because her favorite perfume was discontinued. Jane started to study chemistry and learnrepparttar 138058 internet so she could read everything written about perfumery. She bought a computer and taught herself how to use it. Finally she mixed a perfume. People began to ask her what she was wearing. So she started an internet business, House of Rose, with one rose perfume. Today she has more than 55 long lasting, non alcohol perfumes at

She then had a copy of a Chanel suit made by a seamstress for a trade show in New York City. So many people wanted to know where she got it, so she started her second business, Sew Beautiful By Natasha and Jane. They make custom couture suits, dresses, evening gowns, pageant and bridal attire at

The now famous poncho that Martha Stewart wore upon her release from Camp Cupcake can now be yours. Made for her as a going away gift from a fellow inmate, it has become known asrepparttar 138059 “Welcome Back” poncho. The woman who maderepparttar 138060 poncho, Xiomaro Hernandez, will get 10% ofrepparttar 138061 profits after her release from Alderson in 2008. The site is

Want to browse unique fashion items onrepparttar 138062 internet? . A Passion for Fashion has lovely charms, blouses, shoes, handbags and more for sale. Each monthrepparttar 138063 items change so you will always berepparttar 138064 informed ofrepparttar 138065 newest delights at

Soon some of her friends asked her to help them put up an internet site because they liked her businesses and wanted to start their own. After she helped them, she decided to offer her services to others and started Your Net Store

Her sister-in-law has Parkinson’s Disease and her biggest problem was taking her medications on time. She askedrepparttar 138066 doctor if there was a system to help her sister-in-law and he said no, but would gladly welcome one. Pill Proof at solvedrepparttar 138067 problem of medication compliance.

Jane had met her husband ten years ago through a personnel dating service and always felt they could be improved on. Friends said she had good advice about how to approach this new way to meet people. She decided to start a very selective marriage service that included questions to 101 important elements for a good match. See Hopeful Romantic at

How MSN and Yahoo Sells Your Traffic

Written by Nicholas Dixon

By Nicholas Dixon The Island Marketer

Yes, it really happens. Now you might find it hard to believe but you will understand after I explain.

Prior to late 2004, Google undisputedly ruledrepparttar search engine world. Duringrepparttar 137856 second half ofrepparttar 137857 year things took a dramatic turn when Yahoo and MSN decided to challengerepparttar 137858 Big G for some of their lucrative market share.

Search engines are a big source of revenue especially when it comes to advertising and for many this is their bread and butter. Withrepparttar 137859 emerging prominence of both Yahoo and MSN, advertisers have more channels through which to advertise their goods and services.

What marks Google apart from it’s two big rivals in this area isrepparttar 137860 way they display their ads. They deliver their ads through a system called Adwords which is unobtrusive to viewers. The ads are placed torepparttar 137861 right to clearly distinguish them fromrepparttar 137862 search results. Occasionally they will place ads aboverepparttar 137863 SERPS.

Overture isrepparttar 137864 company which handlesrepparttar 137865 placement of ads for both Yahoo and MSN. Now if you should search for a popular keyword in either of them, you will notice thatrepparttar 137866 ads are aboverepparttar 137867 results, to your right and atrepparttar 137868 bottom ofrepparttar 137869 page just aboverepparttar 137870 Next button. This is where it gets interesting.

Havingrepparttar 137871 privilege of working in a public computer lab, I decided to run some experiments. When customers came in and requested information on various topics I instructed them to use Yahoo or MSN for their search enquiries. The first one looked for “bridal gowns” and another looked for “tourism in Jamaica”. In both cases they click onrepparttar 137872 first available information which of course isrepparttar 137873 relevant ads displayed.

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