It Can Happen To You

Written by Jane Langdon

The dot com business is alive and well for those wanting to pursue it. What if you don’t know how to use a computer? Can anyone have twenty successful businesses onrepparttar internet in four years? Six years ago Jane Langdon did not know how to turn on a computer. Today she has twenty successful internet businesses. You can too.

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Soon some of her friends asked her to help them put up an internet site because they liked her businesses and wanted to start their own. After she helped them, she decided to offer her services to others and started Your Net Store

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Why Your Employees Fear Training (and how to get them to stop!)

Written by Adrian Miller

Do you remember that fable – one of Aesop’s, maybe – aboutrepparttar Emperor who wore no clothes, andrepparttar 137496 nice young man that paidrepparttar 137497 ultimate price for audaciously pointing that out?

Now, let’s fast-forward a few millennia, and recast this fable in a 21st century look and feel. To make things as simple as possible, let’s just go ahead and assume thatrepparttar 137498 entire world of training is one big Emperor, andrepparttar 137499 multitudes of people who experience that training are, collectively, that Nice Young Man.

But this is whererepparttar 137500 similarities between these two tales should stop.

Inrepparttar 137501 old-fashioned version, as you know, that exasperated young man – a kind of early ancestor torepparttar 137502 whistle blower -- pointed out thatrepparttar 137503 Emperor wore no clothes; and he suffered dearly for it. Eventually, however, other folks caught on – Knights and Dukes and Lady’s and other important regal people – and things turned out okay inrepparttar 137504 end. The Emperor was dethroned; or at least, given a bathrobe.

In our modern version, however, things are not unfolding with such bold, visible steps. Today’s Nice Young Employee – which, as noted above, isrepparttar 137505 collective mass of modern trainees – isn’t saying a word. Not even coughing. S/he isn’t even excusing himself fromrepparttar 137506 training room right beforerepparttar 137507 ice breaker, and returning seven and a half hours later during evaluations.

No, s/he’s doing something altogether more devastating than his ancestor who merely inspired a revolution. S/he’s detaching himself from your company, bit by evil bit, second by agonizing second.

I agree with you.

It really doesn’t get sadder – or more ironic -- for training and HR professionals than this. Here you are investing in someone, spending time to develop their skills and increase their capacity, and there they are, playing hangman onrepparttar 137508 handouts, mentally craftingrepparttar 137509 opening lines of their next cover letter, and popping red-striped mints every 15 minutes to maintain a sugar sustained semi-wakeful state that will invariably lead to collapse by about 2:15pm.

Future historians will reflect upon this phenomenon as “an interesting development inrepparttar 137510 early 21st century”.

Current Sales Managers (and those who love them), however, choose a somewhat different approach to summarize this, and it goes like this: AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Why so many H’s?

Because Sales Pros know – better than they deserve to – that there is an ironic wisdom emerging here that goes like this: if your staff is not effectively trained, then they might leave your company. But what happens if your staff isn’t effectively trained, and they don’t leave your company? They’ll become an albatross to themselves and to your sales success.

So you lose on both ends. Something must be done. And quick!

The Problem, The Hatred, andrepparttar 137511 Blame

So what’srepparttar 137512 problem? Why do your employees fear training? Is it your fault?

These are important questions, and they can all be answered in a row:repparttar 137513 problem is that your trainees aren’t approachingrepparttar 137514 training withrepparttar 137515 right perspective; your employees hate training because of this same reason; it’s not your fault at all.

At least, it’s not intentionally your fault.

And there’s another really good question that many will ask: can it be fixed?

The answer: yes, absolutely!

Your task is to getrepparttar 137516 biggest bang for your training dollar; and for that, most of you will look outside your company walls. This is perfectly normal and largely successful (when it’s successful), because people who know how to train are invariably going to be in a better position to do it than those who don’t.

So far, so good.

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