It Can't Happen to Me.....Can It?

Written by Denise Hall

It Can't Happen to Me.....Can It?

By Denise Hall (c) 2003

We all know scams abound onrepparttar internet. The types we're probably most familiar with arerepparttar 117168 "get rich quick" schemes andrepparttar 117169 "Nigerian scam" letters. If you're smart and you've done your homework you'll steer clear of both.

But other types of fraudulent activity take place that we don't think about as often. In fact, we might not think about them at all until it happens to us or someone we know.

Do you know how easy it is for someone to steal your credit or debit card number and buy things that *you'll* be charged for?

True Story:

A friend of mine recently found a purchase on her debit card that neither she, nor her husband, had made. $75 was *stolen* from their bank account!

True Story:

Another friend discovered two $38 charges on her credit card statement that she hadn't made. The purchases had been made overrepparttar 117170 internet, but she had never bought anything online. Actually,repparttar 117171 only thing she *ever* used that particular credit card for was to put gas in her car!

Did you know that customers can order a product or service from you, receive what they paid for, then tell their bank, credit card company or third party internet payment processor that they *never* made that purchase?

True Story:

*Two* of my friends, who own ad co-ops, received orders from customers for ezine advertising. The ads went out torepparttar 117172 ezine readers, thenrepparttar 117173 customers claimed they hadn't maderepparttar 117174 purchases!

It's highway robbery. No, make that "The Information Highway" robbery. But don't think it only happens online. It's been happening for years offline, as well.

Top 7 Home Business Time Wasters!

Written by BB Lee

7 Ways To Eliminate Home Business Time Wasters by BB Lee (C) 2003

What I call "Time Wasters" is any action interfering with running your home based business.

What Are The 7 Most Common Time Wasters?

Check Out The Following!

1. Email. Email is without a doubt a very important factor in operating your Online business. After you've mastered sending and receiving email, there's no limit torepparttar people or organizations you can reach atrepparttar 117167 press ofrepparttar 117168 send button.

There is a downside torepparttar 117169 marvelous convenience of email. Think of allrepparttar 117170 timerepparttar 117171 average business person spends checking email accounts. You could easily waste half your work day on email.

Torepparttar 117172 rescue e-prompter. This free software is easy to use and it will check several email accounts while you surf or work on other business matters. Download e-prompter here...

2. Pop Ups. Are you bombarded with pop ups at every turn onrepparttar 117173 Internet? Pop ups will slow down your surfing and it's down right frustrating trying to get rid of these annoying unwanted ads. As you know, Internet Explorer is not packaged with a good pop up blocker. So you will definitely need to download one if you plan to surfrepparttar 117174 Internet regularly.

Torepparttar 117175 rescue Google Toolbar!

The google tool bar has a great and free anti pop up weapon.

Downloadrepparttar 117176 Google bar.

3. Surfing. How often do you plan to check a website resource, and click unrelated links.

Fight mindless surfing!

Remember your goal. Ignore links that detract from your objective. If you are looking for information onrepparttar 117177 latest "Computer Virus Hoax" why are you visiting music sites or downloading screen savers?

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