It's almost too good to be true

Written by Dennis Williams II

As if you thought it could'nt get any better than Direct Mail Advertising. Along came "solo ads", or "exclusive ad mailings". Your ad alone, by itself, sent to all those recipients. The mere thought of it concludedrepparttar same with so many people: this is it, my website is going to blow up, im going to be RICH. So why are there so many disappointments?

Simple, caught up inrepparttar 101201 "high" of forthcoming success few come to realize, or understand, howrepparttar 101202 system works. This article sum's uprepparttar 101203 process, hopefully giving you a better understanding of what to expect with your solo ad. Kind of like a tutorial.

Overall, there are 3 factors you will want to understand when calculatingrepparttar 101204 results of your solo advertisement.

Understand these 3 basics:

1. What to expect. 2. What an ad copy should be. 3. The whole process.

1. What to expect:

"OK there's 40,000 subscribers, my product/service is $29, if i bring in just a 3% response, thats 1,200 responses or $34,800!!" Sound familiar?

Not everyone is a pending order.

The biggest thing to understand here is that every existing recipient isnt on standby waiting to decide whether or not he or she wants to buy. In a perfect world, yes. But in our's, no. Some subscriber's delete-on-contact, others are no longer checking that mailbox, and most just wont read throughrepparttar 101205 mail.

The best thing to remember is that there are so many factors that contribute torepparttar 101206 fact that your ad is not going to sit in a solid XX,XXX amount of viewers. Undeliverable addresses, duplicate addresses, fabricated subscriber lists, andrepparttar 101207 majority of subscribers who will delete an ad as soon as they see it, just to name a few.

Expect profitable results, but dont expect that brand new car, your son's college tuition, or that island vacation. So what do you do?

Soooo many advertising methods... So little time!

Written by Sheila Garghill

The Internet seems to scream "Use me"! It isrepparttar perfect medium for advertisers in just about any field.

From Pokemon to The Senior Citizen's Page, it's ALL here.

Here's whatrepparttar 101200 Mass Institute of Technology says:

The rate ofrepparttar 101201 web's growth has been and continues to be exponential, but is slowing in it's rate of growth. Forrepparttar 101202 second half of 1993, repparttar 101203 Web had a doubling period of under 3 months, and even todayrepparttar 101204 doubling period is still under 6 months.

More Web statistics can be found at:

Amazing isn't it? Especially when you are out there working your fingers torepparttar 101205 bone trying to earn a living online.

You could feelrepparttar 101206 hopelessness ofrepparttar 101207 situation if you didn't unconditionally believe in yourself and your business. So many millions out there with money to spend, how do you corral them?

What do you do?

Too many expect and hope that they can find these qualified leads for free.

Do you know what you find for free? Freebie seekers! These are notrepparttar 101208 quality prospects that you need to keep your business humming.

Expect to spend a little to promote. Budget your advertising monthly. No need to spend a fortune but you should expect that you'll get what you pay for.

Tracking is an excellent information gathering reference. Track everything you put out. Email, Signature File, Website, Ezine and Newsletter Adverts, etc....

I am sure you have been inundated with information on tracking so I won't go into it here but if you would like info, email me.

I have recently dropped all paid safelists due to tracked statistics. No response equals wasted time.

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