It's a Quantum Thing

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

We don't need to understand quantum physics entirely in order to appreciate it. Even those who have devoted their lives torepparttar study ofrepparttar 122306 universe and its atomic structure will admit that many mysteries remain. Well, I love mysteries, so let's setrepparttar 122307 scene for this one...

There's a Big Bang. "Whoosh!" go allrepparttar 122308 molecules. Much swirling commences. Fast forward 12 billion years (give or take a billion) to present day. People all overrepparttar 122309 world watch sci-fi movies, read physics texts, attend harmonic convergence gatherings, study nanotechnology, and gaze atrepparttar 122310 stars. Our questions: How did we get here? Who are we? Where is here? Why? What next?

If you’re expecting quantum theory to answer those questions, you’re going to be disappointed. However, it does give us some heady new ways to anticipate those answers.

Let’s take a look at some terms. Back inrepparttar 122311 fifth century BC, our Greek friend Democritus hadrepparttar 122312 idea that all matter is ultimately made up of tiny grains that cannot be divided into smaller pieces. He called these little pieces “atoms” forrepparttar 122313 Greek phrase “a-tomos” which means “uncuttable”. Poor Democritus didn’t haverepparttar 122314 advantage of sophisticated microscopes, so it’s not surprising that, centuries later, it was discovered that atoms are actually cuttable. In fact, atoms are themselves made up of tiny particles we’ve dubbed neutrons, protons, electrons and neutrinos.

But it doesn’t stop there. Now we’re thinking that leptons, along with quarks, arerepparttar 122315 tiniest of particles of all and currently consideredrepparttar 122316 ultimate building blocks of nature. Since we keep finding particles inside particles and adding new names to pieces of atoms, it’s easier to refer torepparttar 122317 smallest chunks into which something can be divided as quanta. The German physicist Max Planck first proposed that energy might come in little pieces called quanta back inrepparttar 122318 early 1900s. So when we talk about quantum theory, we’re just referring torepparttar 122319 whole set of ideas surroundingrepparttar 122320 microscopic world of atoms.

Along comes Albert Einstein, who recognizes that this whole idea of quantum physics turns classical physics on its head and spins it around. Here all these scientists had developed theories and precise formulas for calculating predictably and consistentlyrepparttar 122321 ways in which bodies move. Now there’s this idea that little particles actually behave in ways we can’t predict with certainty. These tiny quanta are mysterious. They respond sometimes as particles, and sometimes as waves, and we can’t always tell which way they’re going to go. If a particle is traveling from point A to point B, we can guess its path, butrepparttar 122322 tinierrepparttar 122323 particle,repparttar 122324 less sure we are that that exact path isrepparttar 122325 one taken. In fact—hold on to your hat here—we’ve come to understand that not only do we not knowrepparttar 122326 exact path, but thatrepparttar 122327 particles may actually be in two places at once.

What Is Channeling?

Written by Skye Thomas

From my earliest memories as a very young child, I have been experiencing various paranormal activities. I had clairvoyant visions and occasionally heard voices, but mostly I "felt" other people's thoughts or feelings. I think my particular niche is labeled as telepathic empath. As one of those kids who always asked, "Why?" I had to find out how all of this worked. Like any kid with a cool new toy, I wanted to feel that rush again and again. How do I make it happen again? Fromrepparttar time I first learned how to read, I began my quest for knowledge. What is this and how can I control it? Years later whenrepparttar 122305 ghostly presence of my celestial guides invited themselves into my reality, I had to add them to my quest for comprehension. "Who are they and how do I control them?" Here's what I know so far.

Clairvoyant visions are well documented throughout history. We've all heard ofrepparttar 122306 people who changed their mind and did not get onrepparttar 122307 Titantic because of an eerie knowingness that something bad was about to happen. Almost every plane crash hasrepparttar 122308 same sorts of stories wrapped around it. Many of us have avoided car wrecks and such after hearing, seeing, or feelingrepparttar 122309 oncoming disaster before it happens. So we can pretty much agree that clairvoyance happens. But why? How? Some believe that time does not move in a straight line, but rather it weaves back and forth and around itself. Okay, so does that also explainrepparttar 122310 concept of history continually repeating itself? But that doesn't tell me how I can randomly see a different spot in time other thanrepparttar 122311 one I'm supposed to be in? I haven't found anything that definitely tells me how someone can see a past or future piece of time. We only know for sure that it does happen.

Telepathic episodes are probably more common than any other paranormal event. Ever 'feel' someone just before they call you onrepparttar 122312 telephone? I've read stories of mothers who 'felt' their sons die in battle. Scientists have done extensive research in this area. The test that I find amazing isrepparttar 122313 one where they have two people who have never met set up in two different countries. One is to focus on sendingrepparttar 122314 other hints, clues, and visions of a particular photograph or painting. The second person is to 'receive'repparttar 122315 information and decipher it. The receiver then recreates or describesrepparttar 122316 details torepparttar 122317 scientists. It's set up as a double blind experiment so thatrepparttar 122318 scientists withrepparttar 122319 'receiver' don't know whatrepparttar 122320 'sender' acrossrepparttar 122321 world is looking at. They've repeated it many times over with quite a few different 'senders' and 'receivers'. We know for sure telepathy does happen, but how?

There is a large group who thinks that it's simply a heightened level of perception. They say that on a subconscious levelrepparttar 122322 person experiencing frequent telepathic episodes is really just picking up on hundreds of little clues like body language and pupil dilation. They say thatrepparttar 122323 telepath doesn't realize that they've gathered up a bunch of these tiny clues and are actually just coming to a logical prediction as to whatrepparttar 122324 person is about to say or do next. That probably is happening most ofrepparttar 122325 time on an everyday level. We all know someone with that uncanny ability to 'read' someone, to know what they're about to say. However, that doesn't explainrepparttar 122326 times whenrepparttar 122327 person you're 'reading' isn't even inrepparttar 122328 same city as you. How do they explain it then?

Quantum physics is helping us to begin to understand some ofrepparttar 122329 inner workings of such things. The current understanding is that thoughts and feelings have an energy, life force, or frequency wave associated with them. What we're trying to figure out is how does that energy get picked up by others and correctly interpreted? The basic theory is that our thoughts are like radio waves and our brains have subtle 'receivers' in them. Therefore, we subconsciously 'read' each other all ofrepparttar 122330 time. Wouldn't that explain why we attract to us those things that we put our focus onto? Like attracts like. Different frequencies keep moving on until they find a like-minded frequency? That would also explainrepparttar 122331 telepaths ability to 'read' others. Do they have a supercharged 'receiver'?

It's believed that our thoughts aren't trapped in time like our bodies are. I read somewhere a few years ago that they can still pick up Hitler's broadcasts inrepparttar 122332 airwaves. They're old and fuzzy but they're still out there. Isrepparttar 122333 clairvoyant simply picking up thought frequencies fromrepparttar 122334 future? The people onrepparttar 122335 Titantic would have put out hugely intense strong thoughts and nightmare emotions aboutrepparttar 122336 ship going down. Those thought vibes went out throughrepparttar 122337 cosmos and found their way to people about to get onboardrepparttar 122338 Titantic. They 'felt'repparttar 122339 thought vibes ofrepparttar 122340 people drowning inrepparttar 122341 future and then changed their minds about getting onrepparttar 122342 ship? I suspect it's some aspect of that dynamic that makes it possible to telepathically 'read' someone's future or past?

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