It's Time To Create Your Yearly Theme!

Written by Maria Marsala

Did you have a theme this past year? Will you have one for next year? Themes can make your life fun and focused. Have you ever given a birthday party and asked people to bring gifts with a "garden" or "fishing" theme? I know someone who asked people to bring something they made themselves! What wonderful ideas! To actually get what you want at your party!

A theme can help you get what you want out of life, too. Anyone who is evolving, can be helped considerably by having a terrific support network. Well, themes are part of a person's support structure,repparttar part that comes fromrepparttar 123964 inside-out. When you have a theme forrepparttar 123965 year (or month, or quarter), you will be pushed forward towards your goals automatically. Why? Your theme will help you keep focused by providing you with a starting point during your decision making process. Creating a theme isrepparttar 123966 first of 24 steps towards creating a strong "Personal Foundation," a program that many coaches offer their clients.

Discovering Your Truth

Written by Francoise Rapp

You've heard it said that we create our own realities. Whatever your inner state-of-mind or emotional condition, you will see it reflected inrepparttar situations and people surrounding you. If this is so, then how do you determine whatrepparttar 123963 truth is versus what you have created as your own reality?

The truth is held inrepparttar 123964 moment, and it is your responsibility to feelrepparttar 123965 truth within your heart. Whether you call this intuition or instinct, you can master this skill through regular exercises and meditation.

For years I have practicedrepparttar 123966 methods I will share with you today. As a result, I've been able to live a "true" life. I've enjoyed healthy relationships, made more of what I consider to berepparttar 123967 right decisions, and have experienced a profound sense of knowing what is right for me. Today it is my pleasure to show you how to make this happen in your life, too!

~4-week Program to Discover Your Truth~

Practice these exercises daily for one month to gain wisdom, become grounded, and clear your mind. After four weeks, you will notice an increased sense of truth, allowing you to be more profoundly in-tune with your life path.

Your Evening Ritual: *Light a candle. *Sit quietly and comfortably. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. *Anoint yourself withrepparttar 123968 following aromatic blend as indicated below. *Say this affirmation aloud: "I am inrepparttar 123969 present and fully appreciate its truth."

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