It's Not Your Fault!

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! Saying goodbye is easy forrepparttar traveler. I am a person who traveled so much that I had no roots except ‘within’ and I learned to be connected to ‘What IS’.

Inrepparttar 142113 movie Good Will Hunting there are many great insights aboutrepparttar 142114 rat race and Cycle of Violence. I never was beaten but I had a horror show caused byrepparttar 142115 social system due to a schizophrenic mother. But I empathized withrepparttar 142116 Psychologist played by Robin Williams because I have always been there to counsel those in need or trouble. I had studied just like Will Hunting a lot ofrepparttar 142117 books on philosophy and psychology. Before I was ten I dare say I had read more thanrepparttar 142118 average Doctor of Psychology.

It was good to see bothrepparttar 142119 main characters get on with their life and dorepparttar 142120 right thing. The ‘Right Thing’ is what I have been doing ever since I decided to fulfill my purpose. That meant I had to facerepparttar 142121 music andrepparttar 142122 rat race or bureaucracy again. You could say I am determined to be ‘historical’ like Gertrude Stein – or die trying. But I don’t have a salon in Paris. I live in a group home forrepparttar 142123 flotsam of society called insane. I write my books in hopes that someone some day will decide to join me in a quest beyond fighting City Hall. Just like Gertrude’s unwillingness to seerepparttar 142124 politics that lead to war I am moved to see what really causes these behaviors.

Ego and fear are so hard for people to get past. I have been perceived as a ‘threat’ to society or an agent of change people choose to avoid, for a couple of decades. Inrepparttar 142125 last few years I have takenrepparttar 142126 message of soul and connectiveness torepparttar 142127 World Wide Web communities. I am now retiring from such ego and flaming wars. Who can say what lies ahead? I don’t really care if anyone actually learnsrepparttar 142128 data I dump and my writing is only going to reach a few people while I am alive. Life on earth may not exist past that if our leaders choose to continuerepparttar 142129 current direction or leave to colonize space withrepparttar 142130 ‘chosen ones’.

I Will Trust...

Written by Terry Dashner

I Will Trust…

Terry Dashner……Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013

Robert Hastings writes, “In May of 1970, a disastrous earthquake shook Peru, killing as many as 50,000 people, many of whom were buried under a mass of mud and rocks falling fromrepparttar Andes Mountains. The number ofrepparttar 142016 dead was so great that many were buried in trenches, wrapped in blankets, and many children in old newspapers. Lamberto Guzman, a journalist inrepparttar 142017 city of Yungay, said men and women were holding hands in groups, shouting to God to have compassion. Then he added, “God didn’t hear us. The earth kept trembling.’

“Novelist James L. Johnson tells how he and his eight-year-old boy were watching a TV documentary about people living in tin shacks in Saigon, dying of meningitis becauserepparttar 142018 available penicillin had been siphoned intorepparttar 142019 black market. Turning to his father with tears in his eyes,repparttar 142020 eight-year-old asked, ‘Daddy, can’t God do anything?’”

What say you? Is God powerless against evil, devastation, and famine? If He is, thenrepparttar 142021 Bible has gotten it wrong. The Bible declares that God is Sovereign. God is Almighty. God is Lord over all. The Bible also states emphatically that there are times when God seems remote and aloof from His people. If this is true, and I believe it is, then why does God back away from us?

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