It's Not Just All About Google Anymore

Written by Kirk Bannerman

Those webmasters that stick torepparttar old ways and focus entirely on Google are missing out on a lot of search traffic these days if they are not also well ranked by Yahoo and MSN.

Forrepparttar 141030 first few months after Yahoo decided to go their own way with natural search (and MSN decided to get serious aboutrepparttar 141031 search business),repparttar 141032 search results provided by those two could only be described as bizarre. Enough time has now passed that repparttar 141033 dust has somewhat settled and there are three main (from a traffic standpoint) sites for quality natural searches.

The term "natural search" is to distinguish true searches, as opposed to paid advertisements which appear inrepparttar 141034 search results for many search engines these days. I guess you can't really faultrepparttar 141035 search engine companies from wanting to make some money (actually, BIG money) selling ad space, butrepparttar 141036 debate overrepparttar 141037 virtues of natural search versus paid advertising search is something that could make up a very thick book and still have no clear resolution...much like debates revolving around religion or politics.

Like most people that have been working as online home business entrepreneurs for a few years, I was strongly conditioned torepparttar 141038 need to "feedrepparttar 141039 800 pound gorilla" ofrepparttar 141040 search engine world. Basically, "if Google didn't love you", it was very difficult to get any meaningful natural search traffic to your website. Since Google was actuallyrepparttar 141041 search engine that was serving uprepparttar 141042 results for most ofrepparttar 141043 popular search portals, if Google didn't look kindly upon your site and rank you well, you would not be ranked well for most ofrepparttar 141044 high traffic search sites onrepparttar 141045 Internet.

Video Email…the new way to communicate.

Written by Terry Till

The Internet is now a thriving means of communication and for everyone aroundrepparttar globe to receiverepparttar 141006 most up to date information atrepparttar 141007 click of a mouse button. Sending an email is now accepted asrepparttar 141008 quickest and easiest way to converse with your friends and family or business acquaintances and everyday millions of emails are sent worldwide. However, as in all aspects of life today even this form of communication is fast becomingrepparttar 141009 “old hat” system andrepparttar 141010 new kid onrepparttar 141011 block is now high streaming video email. Basically video emailing gives yourepparttar 141012 opportunity to still email at lightning speed to your friends, family and business acquaintances but now allows you to include a high quality video message. Although this concept has been available for a short time this form of communicating usually involved high cost software andrepparttar 141013 need to include large file attachments within your email thus making it generally prohibitive torepparttar 141014 mass audiences. Thankfully even this has now been improved by considerable measures and a leader in this field is Myvideotalk who have solved this problem and have maderepparttar 141015 software available to all at remarkably low cost. Even more impressive and of great importance, Myvideotalk have developed a system that allows you to send high quality streaming videos withoutrepparttar 141016 need for large file attachments or complicated operating software.

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