It's Not Easy

Written by Jude Wright

I bet you've seen allrepparttar ads saying, "Earn $1,000,000 while you sleep" or other words to that effect. Don't you believe it!

I was a Newbie onrepparttar 117990 Net. What do you think *I* did when I started seeing these ads? You guessed it! I tried every one that caught my eye. In other words *all* of them! Talk about frustration! Just aboutrepparttar 117991 time I'd start drooling over one of these "get rich quick" programs, another that I'd triedrepparttar 117992 week (or month) before, came back to bite me on my assets.

Yes, I lost money. I believed every ad that promised, "Pay me $25 and I'll show you how to market." "Pay me $20 for submission software." "Pay me..." Well, I could go on, but I don't feel like crying in my beer right now. Good thing I *don't* drink or my poor family would've never seen me again!

So how *do* you get all that money out there? You WORK! And work HARD!

You advertise. And you advertise. And you advertise. Did I say, "You advertise?" Enough getrepparttar 117993 picture.

But *where* do you advertise? I tried FFAs with nary a bite! And Free Classifieds? Another big zero. Then there wererepparttar 117994 free ezine ads. Well, I did get a couple "bites" but no sales.

First Make a Buck Then Make A Million

Written by David Galluzzo

This article isn't written withrepparttar "dot-com" millionaires orrepparttar 117989 internet marketing gurus in mind. It is instead written forrepparttar 117990 average person who has a desire to start and operate their own small internet business. Those looking to explorerepparttar 117991 exciting possibilities that exist in this online entrepreneurial frontier calledrepparttar 117992 world wide web. Those people whose lives can still be changed substantially by an extra one or two thousand dollars a month. Why do I excluderepparttar 117993 big money gurus? The answer is simple and it is this, "You have to make a buck before you can make a million," and it's that mind set that will keep you inrepparttar 117994 game. I'm sure we all know someone (or will before long) who took a run at starting an internet business, built a great website, submitted it torepparttar 117995 search engines, advertised inrepparttar 117996 classifieds and FFA pages, bought some banner impressions and "surprise" DIDN'T make a million dollars. Disappointment and soon apathy stepped in and shut downrepparttar 117997 motivation andrepparttar 117998 website quicker than you can say out of business buddy. Too bad, another casualty who heard and believed that millions of new people in a buying frenzy were coming online daily to make themrepparttar 117999 next overnight millionaire. Don't get me wrong. Good Product + Good Work Ethic + Tenacity = Success. Throw in a little duplication (which we'll save for another article) and you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams. It does happen and I sincerely hope it will happen very quickly for you. But if it shouldn't, I'm here to tell you, Work At Home Moms, College Students, Retirees, Small Business People, whoever you are and for whatever reason you need or want

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