It's Just the Guys

Written by Deborah Willis

If it's a long-term relationship you want, you absolutely must be willing to make a few sacrifices to invest in your happy future withrepparttar woman of your dreams. You simply cannot continue to liverepparttar 149826 happy-go-lucky life ofrepparttar 149827 single guy and expect to make your partnership with a woman succeed. It just doesn't work that way.

Solid relationships take hard work, not just inrepparttar 149828 beginning, but throughout your entire life together. Building a solid, long-term relationship also means making a few sacrifices alongrepparttar 149829 way. Ask yourself what is most important to you. If your relationship with your lady isrepparttar 149830 most important thing...then you may have to give up certain other aspects of your life to maintain that relationship and keep it on solid ground.

If you've been "going out withrepparttar 149831 guys" for a few beers after work on Friday evenings and have no real intention of giving up your night out...I'll be quite frank with you. It's going to take a very, very special woman who will put up with that for long. She may tell you inrepparttar 149832 beginning she doesn't mind, and if you are home at a reasonable hour, you might just be able to pull it off and keep her happy as well. But don't count on it.

It may all be very innocent in your mind and you can protest profusely, "But I'm just out withrepparttar 149833 guys. It's not like I'm being unfaithful to her or anything." But you are, at least in her subtle waysrepparttar 149834 male brain usually cannot understand.

We all know that one beer sometimes leads to another and to another and to another. If you can limit yourself and return home to your lady early inrepparttar 149835 evening, perhaps you will never have any problems with her over your "night out withrepparttar 149836 guys" ritual.

But sooner or later,repparttar 149837 time may come when, before you know it, it's midnight and your lady has been home alone all night long. How long would you stay at home alone every Friday night waiting on her if she wasrepparttar 149838 one out with her friends? Not for long, I'll bet. So ask yourself, is it really fair of you to expect her to sit at home alone while you're out onrepparttar 149839 town without her? Think about that and be honest with yourself. What would you be thinking and feeling ifrepparttar 149840 tables were turned? More importantly, what would you do about it?

What do guys do when they're out together? Talk about sports? Maybe. But they look at girls too, right? You may not even talk to another woman while you're out with your male friends. You may not even come within ten feet of another woman, but you're still looking, right? Of course you are. What man doesn't look? And all women know this.

There is no harm in "just looking". But if you're checkingrepparttar 149841 girls out, you can bet there are girls who are checking you out as well. It'srepparttar 149842 name ofrepparttar 149843 game. Sooner or later, after so much alcohol has been consumed, you'll let your guard down. Someone may strike up a conversation. It may not even be you. It may be one of those girls who's been checking you out or a girl who sees you inrepparttar 149844 club atrepparttar 149845 same time every week.

Women know how to play a man. Men don't always let their brain dorepparttar 149846 thinking, especially after a few drinks and a clever woman knows this. Suddenly, your girl at home isn't even in your thoughts anymore. You're thinking only ofrepparttar 149847 hot little number standing next to you in a bar and smells, oh, so good and is smiling up at you so sweetly. Next thing you know, she's pulling you out onrepparttar 149848 dance floor or snuggling up to you. Can you see where all this may be leading?

The Loveliest Las Vegas Wedding Reception

Written by Randy Wilson

If you are actually planning your Las Vegas wedding reception, you're already a step ahead of a lot of people who get married in Vegas! All kidding aside - this is certainly a momentous occasion, and for your wedding reception Las Vegas hasrepparttar expertise to make it perfect.

In Las Vegas, wedding receptions of all flavors are a very familiar request, so most hotels have full-time staff dedicated to helping people like you plan and prepare forrepparttar 149659 event. Moreover, Las Vegas boasts some ofrepparttar 149660 most ornate hotels of any place inrepparttar 149661 world. Large banquet halls are easily decorated to suit any theme, and certain amenities (like slot machines) are simply not available in most other cities.

Be very careful not to get charged a premium rate for mediocre service. The person you deal with to book your wedding reception site could easily assume you've just hit a million-dollar jackpot and startrepparttar 149662 price negotions from there. With so much competition between premium hosts, there is no need to settle for anything less thanrepparttar 149663 best value.

If you would rather not confine your gathering to an indoor reception hall, there are a select few outdoor sites suitable for staging a Las Vegas wedding reception. The Grove in North Las Vegas and The Las Vegas Racquet Club's Secret Garden onrepparttar 149664 south end ofrepparttar 149665 strip both offer all-inclusive packages to host your wedding ceremony and reception on their scenic expanses of gardened lawn. And for convenient after-party fun, they are just a few minutes from allrepparttar 149666 action ofrepparttar 149667 main strip.

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