It's Free, It's Powerful, It's In Your Email

Written by Lois R. Thompson

The most popular use ofrepparttar Internet is that of sending emails. According to a recent report byrepparttar 102570 U.S. Department of Commerce approximately 79.9 percent of Internet users send emails.

This business of sending emails offers us one ofrepparttar 102571 most powerful and free advertising resources we all have access to, yet it's one that is most often over looked. I'm talking aboutrepparttar 102572 "sig file", also called e-sigs or e-signature.

Sending emails for online marketers can be likened to writing a traditional business letter, which when completed bears a signature. It stands to reason that an effective sig file should be a key part of your online marketing program.

Your objective for using a sig file is to get your prospect to your website. Sig files can be used atrepparttar 102573 end of e-mail messages, newsgroup postings, and other postings, as tiny but powerful classified ad, enticerepparttar 102574 prospect to click onrepparttar 102575 hotlink to your website. To be effective, your sig file should persuade its readers to go to your website now. It should be short and sweet, simple, direct and torepparttar 102576 point, but emphasizingrepparttar 102577 Benefits torepparttar 102578 reader and their need to "act" quickly. You need to GRABrepparttar 102579 readers attention and spark curiosity.

Lets look at what must be included in your email signature:

* A clear description ofrepparttar 102580 benefits of your business to your prospects * Curiosity * A hotlink to your website

* A call-to-action by your prospect

Forrepparttar 102581 most effective use of your signature, you'll need to customize to where it's being used. For example, most email programs will allow a sig file of up to 7 lines, and up to 65 characters per line. Caution - while posting to newsgroups, moderated lists, or discussion boards, using a sig file of more than 4 or 5 lines may be considered annoying. Long sig files in newsgroup postings may be considered poor etiquette.

Your email signature givesrepparttar 102582 reader a word picture of you andrepparttar 102583 Benefits you are offering to the.

Lets take a look at some examples of sig files:


Jane Doe

Discoverrepparttar 102584 Power of Financial Leverage, becoming Debt Free and Retiring Quickly! Getrepparttar 102585 facts now! Http://

Are You Spending 75% of Your Time 'Marketing Your Affiliate Programs'?

Written by David McKenzie

How important do you think it is to market your affiliate programs? Most would probably say it’s quite important.

I would say it isrepparttar difference between success and failure forrepparttar 102569 affiliate. The more time you spend marketing your affiliate programsrepparttar 102570 more successful you will be.

The ‘Super Affiliates’ spend 75% of their time marketing their affiliate programs. This means they only spend 25% of their time working on their affiliate programs.

Contrast this to most affiliates who spend about 10% to 20% of their time marketing their affiliate programs.

You may have heardrepparttar 102571 statistic that between 80% and 90% of all affiliates make little or no money each month from affiliate programs. A big reason for this is LACK OF MARKETING.

Just because it’s an affiliate program does not mean you do not have to spend time marketing it.

Treat each affiliate program you belong to as if it were your own product. This will force you to concentrate more of your efforts on marketing. By thinking likerepparttar 102572 “owner” rather thanrepparttar 102573 “affiliate” you will automatically focus on what is important to makerepparttar 102574 sale.

In fact, you could say you have to spend MORE TIME marketing your affiliate programs than if you wererepparttar 102575 owner ofrepparttar 102576 product because not only are you trying to get people to buy a product, you are also competing with other affiliates.

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