It's Finally Here!

Written by Doug Bower

It has begun. The Central Mexican yearly ritual has finally arrived, a month late I might add, and life as we know it has changed and will be different forrepparttar next 10-12 weeks.

The rainy season is here.

I wrote about it two months ago. I told of my not-so-excited-anticipation of this yearly and, unless you want to leave and go torepparttar 147619 desert for 12 weeks, unavoidable act of God. The rainy season changes EVERYTHING.

1. When it isrepparttar 147620 dry season, you can leaverepparttar 147621 house on a moment's notice with nary a thought in your head about it. I mean, you can be impulsive.

"Oh, Honey let's run out and get some ice cream."

"Let's do, sweetheart and while we're out, let's go to a movie!"

"Super! Let's go!"

This little scene is on hold now forrepparttar 147622 next 12 weeks.

2. You cannot leaverepparttar 147623 house togetheróever. Someone has to stay home, at all times, keeping vigil overrepparttar 147624 leaking windows. You see, Mexican homebuilders, for reasons known surely only torepparttar 147625 Almighty, build windows to leak. Now follow me carefully here.

Central Mexico has had, since God createdrepparttar 147626 heavens andrepparttar 147627 earth, a rainy season. Central Mexican homebuilders know this. They teach this in catechism. Nevertheless, they build windows that leak like Niagara Falls.

The pre-rainy season activity, which is sometime inrepparttar 147628 middle of April, is to lay in a supply of new terrycloth towels and waterproof tape. You must haverepparttar 147629 towels to stuff aroundrepparttar 147630 windowsills andrepparttar 147631 tape to plugrepparttar 147632 new holes that miraculously appear each rainy season.

3. We have birds. Oh, dear God, we have birds in outside aviaries inrepparttar 147633 back of our house. We have to be onrepparttar 147634 alert, day and night, forrepparttar 147635 tornado-strength winds, hurricane-force rain, and lighting bolts that could incinerate a bus so we can risk life and limb to keep them safe.

Skinny Disney: Eating at Walt Disney World without blowing your diet

Written by Leslie Clevenstine

One ofrepparttar joys of vacation is eating well. But if youíre trying watch your weight or have other dietary concerns, sometimes dining out can be a challenge. In recent years, dining options for those who are trying to eat healthy have improved immensely at Disney World.

An advantage to a Disney World vacation is that youíre usually very active, which helps to burn extra calories. Just donít let that fact lull you into a false sense of security and throw all good sense outrepparttar 147618 window. Itís very easy to out-eat your activity level in very short order.

Youíll find plenty of selections for salads, chicken, and fish atrepparttar 147619 full service restaurants inrepparttar 147620 parks and resorts. A growing number of restaurants also offer vegetarian meals. Youíll find thatrepparttar 147621 full service restautants are very accomodating to special preparations, if for example, you would like to skip a heavy sauce or substitute an extra serving of vegetables.

Some good full service restaurants to try for healthy eating: California Grill atrepparttar 147622 Contemporary Resort, both Jiko and Boma atrepparttar 147623 Animal Kingdom Lodge, Crystal Palace atrepparttar 147624 Magic Kingdom (character meal), Hollywood Brown Derby at Disney-MGM Studios, and Restaurant Akershus in Epcot.

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