It's All About ATTITUDE

Written by Holly Cotter

No matter what type of business venture you tackle, *Attitude* isrepparttar single most important factor that will determine your success.

If you start your business withrepparttar 117468 *Attitude* that you are in it forrepparttar 117469 long haul -- you make a commitment that, no matter what, you will consistently work your business for a minimum of one to three years without giving up -- you will succeed. If you do not start your business with that *Attitude*, you have failed before you have even begun.

The 3 Key Attitudes for Success Are:

1. Consistency

Whether you are working your business full-time or part-time, you need to commit a certain number of hours each week to your business, and then work your businessrepparttar 117470 full number of hours you committed - no excuses!

One way to manage your schedule is to sit down overrepparttar 117471 weekend with a calendar and markrepparttar 117472 specific hours you intend to work your business duringrepparttar 117473 upcoming week. Then, you MUST work your business duringrepparttar 117474 hours you scheduled.

Ifrepparttar 117475 guys call to invite you out for a beer during your scheduled work hours, what will you say?

"Maybe another time. I have to work."

Ifrepparttar 117476 girls invite you to go to a movie during your scheduled work hours, what will you tell them?

"I can't this time, I have to work."

And, if you are married (especially if you have children), it is a good idea to work in a room with a door. Let your family know that, whenrepparttar 117477 door is closed, you are working and they shouldn't disturb you unless it's a life and death emergency.

Remember, your business is a real job and requires a time commitment from you. If you need to, make yourself a time card to track your hours. Do whatever it takes to discipline yourself to workrepparttar 117478 hours you committed to your business each and every week.

A word of caution: don't get caught up in using your scheduled time to push papers and clean your desk. You should spend your precious work hours performing actions that will generate results for your business!!

2. Persistency

We all have ups and downs in life. In fact, our emotions change from moment to moment. No matter how you are feeling, you must work your business atrepparttar 117479 scheduled times, just as you would if you were going to a regular job.

In addition, life has a way of throwing obstacles in our path. Many persons stop when they reach an obstacle, and they never get where they want to in life. Onrepparttar 117480 other hand, persons who keep on going -- in spite ofrepparttar 117481 obstacles before them -- reap great rewards.

How To Make MORE Money After Your Auction Is Over!

Written by Karol Gajda

***************************************************************** How To Make MORE Money After Your Auction Is Over! *****************************************************************

Here'srepparttar scenario: You just sold a widget for $15.78. It cost you $8. Not too bad a profit, huh? But wouldn't you like to at least try to make a little bit more?

If your auction business is running on very tight margins, then even getting an extra 10 cents per auction could do wonders for you, am I right?

One ofrepparttar 117467 ways to add a bit of cha-ching to your auction business (the other ways will be written about inrepparttar 117468 future) isrepparttar 117469 following:

In my end of auction e-mail I include an affiliate link to a Web site, or to one of my own Web sites.

What do I mean?

Well, let's say it was me who just soldrepparttar 117470 $15.78 widget.

Afterrepparttar 117471 auction is over I sendrepparttar 117472 winning bidder an e-mail congratulating him or her on their win and explaining to them how to proceed with payment.

But right inrepparttar 117473 middle ofrepparttar 117474 e-mail I include a little money maker that looks like this:

----------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for products to sell on eBay?! Look no further thanrepparttar 117475 Drop Ship Source Directory. Find thousands upon thousands of awesome products...and you don't have to pay for them until you make a sale! Click here for more information: racker.cgi?dsnews -----------------------------------------------------------------

See how easy that was?

Now if somebody purchases a membership torepparttar 117476 Drop Ship Source Directory I get paid without barely having to do a thing!

*Side note: The Drop Ship Source Directory is an awesome affiliate program to join, and it's free. You make over $17 per sale! And you also get paid for sales your affiliates make.

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