Israel's Unjust Deportation of David Ben-Ariel

Written by David Ben-Ariel

As reported onrepparttar front page ofrepparttar 149454 Jerusalem Post (Jan. 8, 1996),repparttar 149455 GSS (Israeli Secret Police) sought my deportation for ALLEGED involvement in a plot to "damagerepparttar 149456 mosques." This travesty of justice occurred duringrepparttar 149457 witch-hunt that followed Prime Minister Rabin's assassination.

The Leftists were exploitingrepparttar 149458 death of Rabin to squash their legal opposition. Such Stalinist tactics were condemned by former Russian refuseniks and Prisoners of Zion. Thankfully,repparttar 149459 regime of Shimon Peres was toppled withrepparttar 149460 election of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

As a Christian-American member ofrepparttar 149461 Temple Mount Faithful movement, I had been privileged to participate in their legal demonstrations during my 10-month stay in Jerusalem awaiting dual citizenship. Israeli television often showed me with my Jewish friends carrying Israeli flags throughoutrepparttar 149462 Old City. I have also been published inrepparttar 149463 Jerusalem Post,repparttar 149464 Traveller and other publications aboutrepparttar 149465 burning issue ofrepparttar 149466 TEMPLE MOUNT. The Temple Mount suffers under a MILITANT MUSLIM OCCUPATION that FORBIDS CHRISTIANS AND JEWS FROM PRAYING OR READING THE BIBLE there.

This despiterepparttar 149467 fact that both Biblical Temples stood there, and it isrepparttar 149468 location where Jesus and His disciples taught and prayed. Israel has a law against such violent religious discrimination, but they're afraid or unwilling to enforce it. Such shameful appeasement rewardsrepparttar 149469 Muslim aggressors and punishesrepparttar 149470 innocent!

The Temple Mount Faithful demands an end to this injustice. Meanwhile,repparttar 149471 Muslim terrorists continue to destroy rich archaeological evidence uponrepparttar 149472 Temple Mount that proves Jerusalem is Jewish! The world condemnedrepparttar 149473 Muslim Taliban for blowing up a Buddhist idol, yet has remained deathly silent while Judaism's holiest site is desecrated!

In my book, Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall, I've called forrepparttar 149474 Israeli government to exercise its Biblical responsibility to BUILD THE TEMPLE. I wrote that book inrepparttar 149475 United States before any of this trouble. It clearly explains that I'm not calling for any individual to removerepparttar 149476 mosques, but rather expectingrepparttar 149477 GOVERNMENT to fulfill their historic obligations (if an "act of God" doesn't solverepparttar 149478 problem first).


Written by David Healing

This is a short and simple story. It may be called a fable, but it is true in its portrayal of how our present money system evolved.

Many years ago, a certain rich man wanted to go abroad for a two-year vacation. He owned, in cash, ten thousand shekels of gold. He could not takerepparttar gold with him because of its weight andrepparttar 148689 danger of being robbed; so he went to a goldsmith to ask if he could leave his gold with him for safekeeping. The goldsmith, who had a large secure storage facility similar to a vault, wanted to be paid to keeprepparttar 148690 rich man’s gold. He asked for 10% or 1000 shekels to whichrepparttar 148691 rich man agreed. The rich man “deposited” his gold withrepparttar 148692 goldsmith, obtained a “receipt” for it and then left on his trip abroad.

As soon asrepparttar 148693 rich man had left his gold and departed,repparttar 148694 goldsmith told his helper to go and spreadrepparttar 148695 word that his master had a few shekels of gold to loan to financially secure customers at 15% interest. Soonrepparttar 148696 borrowers came. One wanted 50 shekels; another wanted 100 shekels and so on.

Torepparttar 148697 goldsmith’s surprise, most borrowers did not take delivery ofrepparttar 148698 gold. Instead, all they wanted wasrepparttar 148699 goldsmith’s receipt saying, “I owe you X number of gold shekels” which could be used to claimrepparttar 148700 gold when they wanted it. In modern terms, they had what we call a demand deposit.

Asrepparttar 148701 days proceeded,repparttar 148702 goldsmith had loaned out all of his 1000 shekels, which were drawing 15% interest. Yet, nearly all ofrepparttar 148703 shekels were still inrepparttar 148704 vault. The only people who took their gold were a few ofrepparttar 148705 small borrowers,repparttar 148706 others only wanted receipts (IOU’s) showingrepparttar 148707 goldsmith held their gold and that they could have it whenever they needed it.

As time went on,repparttar 148708 goldsmith found thatrepparttar 148709 people were accepting his receipts in payment of goods and services rather than usingrepparttar 148710 gold. Whenrepparttar 148711 occasional person did claim his gold and used it in payment of goods etc.,repparttar 148712 one who receivedrepparttar 148713 gold brought it back torepparttar 148714 goldsmith for safekeeping and accepted an IOU.

This gaverepparttar 148715 goldsmith a “terrific” idea.

The goldsmith’s “terrific idea” of 300 years or so ago has grown intorepparttar 148716 international bankers’ “one world order” of today.

This letter will not be concerned with allrepparttar 148717 history betweenrepparttar 148718 goldsmith of years ago and today. It is enough to know that almost from that day to thisrepparttar 148719 private moneylenders (banks) have implemented a plan that has made themrepparttar 148720 fiscal agents of virtually every country inrepparttar 148721 world. This plan was The Private Debt Money System. Under that system it is never possible for a country to pay off its debt. The debt will forever increase. The following three points may be difficult and even impossible to believe at first. Our understanding ofrepparttar 148722 present world situation will never be complete until we come to know them as true. The following statements are spoken aboutrepparttar 148723 countries of United States and Canada, but they can be taken as true for most countries inrepparttar 148724 world today.

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