Isn't It Time to Give Yourself Permission?

Written by Lois Galloway

Remember back in school days when you needed a permission slip to do almost anything outside ofrepparttar classroom? Things like simply being able to visitrepparttar 151070 washroom, attend a sports meeting or going on a field trip? As adults we don't need someone to give us a permission slip. We already have a whole supply at our disposal.

Nowrepparttar 151071 trick here is to remember to use them.

Sounds simple right? Well, I have to tell you it's not always that simple. Actually I'm quite sure most of you haven't even thought about giving yourself permission to do much of anything lately, let alone permission to have some fun. Am I right?

Remember that there are some old beliefs that probably crop up when you are tempted to give yourself permission to do something, change something about yourself or ask for something.

Here's a list of some of those beliefs that show up and cause us to deny ourselves permission.

What will people think?

I'm sure I can't afford to do that

I don't really deserve this

I'm afriad

I'll be considered selfish

What if I fail?

What if I'm successful?

That's way outside my comfort zone

Let me share with you an example from my own life experience.

About 8 months ago I was attending a womens networking seminar and while I was there, I met up with Carol, a Personal Fitness Trainer. She was so interesting to chat with and I was really enjoying our conversation until she suggested that I come out torepparttar 151072 gym and experience working out.

Oh boy, that was definitely something I never gave myself permission to do. Actually, that was one area that I was way out of my comfort zone because physical fitness has always been a big challenge for me. I just knew that I would feel uncomfortable working out in a gym.

How to be a man or women of integrity?

Written by Carl Cholette

There are times inrepparttar life of every man who takes his stand on high moral principles when his faith in, and knowledge of, those principles is tested torepparttar 150993 uttermost, andrepparttar 150994 way in which he comes out ofrepparttar 150995 fiery trial decides as to whether he has sufficient strength to live as a man of Truth, and joinrepparttar 150996 company ofrepparttar 150997 free, or shall still remain a slave and a hireling torepparttar 150998 cruel taskmaster, Self.

Such times of trial generally assumerepparttar 150999 form of a temptation to do a wrong thing and continue in comfort and prosperity, or to stand by what is right and accept poverty and failure; and so powerful isrepparttar 151000 trial that, torepparttar 151001 tempted one, it plainly appears onrepparttar 151002 face of things as though, if he chooses repparttar 151003 wrong, his material success will be assured forrepparttar 151004 remainder of his life, but if he does what is right, he will be ruined for ever. Frequentlyrepparttar 151005 man at once quails and gives way before this appalling prospect whichrepparttar 151006 Path of Righteousness seems to hold out for him, but should he prove sufficiently strong to withstand this onslaught of temptation, thenrepparttar 151007 inward seducerrepparttar 151008 spirit of self, assumesrepparttar 151009 grab of an Angel of Light, and whispers, "Think of your wife and children; think of those who are dependent upon you; will you bring them down to disgrace and starvation?"

Strong indeed and pure must berepparttar 151010 man who can come triumphant out of such a trial, but he who does so, enters at once a higher realm of life, where his spiritual eyes are opened to see beautiful things; and then poverty and ruin which seemed inevitable do not come, but a more abiding success comes, and a peaceful heart and a quiet conscience. But he who fails does not obtainrepparttar 151011 promised prosperity, and his heart is restless and his conscience troubled.

The right-doer cannot ultimately fail,repparttar 151012 wrong-doer cannot ultimately succeed, for "Such isrepparttar 151013 Law which moves to Righteousness Which none at last can turn aside or stay," and it is because justice is atrepparttar 151014 heart of things- because repparttar 151015 Great Law is good- thatrepparttar 151016 man of integrity is superior to fear, and failure, and poverty, and shame, and disgrace.As repparttar 151017 poet further says of this Law:

"The heart of its Love,repparttar 151018 end of it Is peace and cosummation sweet-obey."

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