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Written by Wael El-Manzalawy

I discussed many persons who were against religion of any kind. I used to ask them three questions. I used ,as well, to invite them to think deeply and clearly before answering my questions. These questions are: 1-Do you think that there is a Creator who has created this universe? 2-Should we worshiprepparttar Creator ofrepparttar 151077 universe or not? 3-Have you made a comparison between Islam and other doctrines?

As regardsrepparttar 151078 first question, I do not knowrepparttar 151079 reason that makes some people denyrepparttar 151080 presence ofrepparttar 151081 God. The universe,repparttar 151082 sky,repparttar 151083 stars,repparttar 151084 sea,repparttar 151085 air are clear evidences that there is a Creator who has created this universe. The greatness ofrepparttar 151086 universe is a clear evidence that a Great God has created it. The answer ofrepparttar 151087 first question leads us torepparttar 151088 necessity of religion. How can you live in this universe without worshippingrepparttar 151089 Creator ofrepparttar 151090 universe?


Written by Dr. Scott Brown, Ph.D.

There is nothing more valuable to a sentient being then peace of mind that comes from living each day from a place of love. The alternative is an existence where perception is based on fear as taught to us byrepparttar ego. The ego teaches us that we are separate from one another; that grandiosity through competitiveness isrepparttar 151048 path to our greatness because scarcity of resources isrepparttar 151049 nature of our existence.

For this reasonrepparttar 151050 greatest spiritual teachers of modern times teachrepparttar 151051 necessity of discardingrepparttar 151052 ego as a guide to our thoughts and actions. Buddha for instance came to see that inrepparttar 151053 absence ofrepparttar 151054 ego our minds are all united into a collective consciousness. The mind that isrepparttar 151055 voice of “A Course in Miracles” and who’s name is poorly translated intorepparttar 151056 word “Jesus” came to see that inrepparttar 151057 absence ofrepparttar 151058 ego our mind’s fuse into a collective mind he callsrepparttar 151059 “Sonship.” The shadowy figure of “Don Juan” chipped away at Carlos Casteneda’s ego like a jackhammer using spiritual knowledge from a Mesoamerican point of view.

Each great teacher shows us that there is a higher collective mind that is ready and willing to be our true guide if we will but listen and follow. Is this true inner guiderepparttar 151060 voice for our collective Mind andrepparttar 151061 great Mind that created our collective mind? Isrepparttar 151062 laying aside ofrepparttar 151063 egorepparttar 151064 path to our collective grandeur as opposed to a separate and petty grandiosity offered up to us by our perceived little separate selves?

Because of my position as finance professor and doctor of financial economics I meet many very wealthy people who seek my consultation or mastermind communion. The most successful rich people I have met extend a striking contrast to those individuals I consider rich but unsuccessful. The first group of wealthy individual is guided by love of all that they perceive in this world and live following a loving guide that only perceives abundance around us. These truly wealthy individuals extend love to everyone they meet and promotingrepparttar 151065 knowledge that all of us are equals and capable of greatness. The second group follows a miserly and fearful guide that only perceives lack inrepparttar 151066 world. Such individuals display great financial wealth but are truly poor because they project fear onto all they meet as they attack or defend themselves to stave offrepparttar 151067 scarcity they perceive inrepparttar 151068 world about them.

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