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Written by Marisara

What is smart home system?

Do you think it's be more comfortable

if you can just take one remote control and turn on/ off all kinds of appliances whether it'll be lights, air-conditioner, ceiling fan, TV and etc? Or you can setrepparttar light or air-con to turn on awaiting for your return from your day? Or maybe you want a glass of water inrepparttar 133324 middle ofrepparttar 133325 night you can just turn onrepparttar 133326 lights inrepparttar 133327 kitchen from your bedroom with no worry that you would stumple onto somthing? Or imaginerepparttar 133328 lights to be automatically whenrepparttar 133329 room is used an be off itself when no one in there, just think off how much cheaper your electricity bill must be? So "Smart Home" is a simple switching controller it acts as a magic switch as what you want it to be. For some it may be something as simple as remote or automatic control of a few lights for domestic use. For others, its application could be more complicated as used for security or even in an industrial unit. Still others may choose to install advanced controllers or use voice recognition. As a very basic definition, we tend to refer to home automation as anything that gives you remote or automatic control of things aroundrepparttar 133330 home and "Adding smart home to your home, office building, factories, etc. is surprisingly affordable and simple."

What you can Control?

AustinDetek Inc becomes Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Written by Vikas Gupta

Microsoft Corporation has made NY based AustinDetek Inc a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. This has been in recognition of AustinDetek continuously developing very superior quality task management solutions onrepparttar Microsoft platform. Microsoft Corporation offers this prestigious Gold Partnership only to a selected few who have demonstrated superior levels of successful implementations, capabilities and certification.

Amongrepparttar 133323 various high quality solutions inrepparttar 133324 AustinDetek's portfolio isrepparttar 133325 FTMS -repparttar 133326 Field Task Management Solution that has been successfully implemented by major corporates like Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC. Withrepparttar 133327 help of AustinDetek's enterprise version ofrepparttar 133328 FTMS, Marathon has completely migrated its Field Task Force to userepparttar 133329 solution onrepparttar 133330 Pocket PC, making their field work force one ofrepparttar 133331 most mobile and up-to-date with a two-way flow of information and data on a real-time basis.

AustinDetek’s FTMS helps automate recurring but complex tasks carried out at remote field locations by providing precise instructions torepparttar 133332 field personnel overrepparttar 133333 PDA / Pocket PC and obtaining instant compliance reports on tasks carried out. A salient feature ofrepparttar 133334 system is user-friendly interfaces onrepparttar 133335 PDA / Pocket PC that also helprepparttar 133336 personnel inrepparttar 133337 field to report operational deviations, exceptional occurrences etc. The system constantly updatesrepparttar 133338 information to ensure real-time decision making a reality. The data collected is first-hand and helps in effective planning. The FTMS has been found to be exceptionally useful in ensuring compliance withrepparttar 133339 rigid requirements of ISO, EPA or OSHA standards.

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