Is your website 'Dressed for success'?

Written by Chuck McCullough

You've heardrepparttar motivational talks about dressing for success. "You have to eat, drink, sleep, and breathe success to truly become successful. Your sub-conscious mind will lead you downrepparttar 134622 right path if you think about it enough."

Even if you don't totally believe in these words, you can surely hope that this mindset will help. You might even have famous quotes and uplifting sayings pasted around your desk or office.

You figure "why not?", "it can't hurt".

Some people even spend a lot of money believing that looking successful will ultimately lead them to success.

So I ask you:

Is your website 'Dressed for success'?

Why should it get any less attention? You want your website to be a success, don't you?

If you think about it, isn't your websiterepparttar 134623 only visual image your visitors will have of you? (unless you have a web cam, of course)

What image does your website portray?

Do your visitors assume you went withrepparttar 134624 low bid on site design?

Do they wonder ifrepparttar 134625 words "website navigation" are foreign to you?

Does your visitor subconsciously move her purse away from her monitor when she surfs by?

Do you really think they are going to install a T1 line so they can come back and view your graphics?

Your website needs to look and feel as ifrepparttar 134626 person or persons behind it know what they are doing. It has to make your visitor feel comfortable. It needs to look successful.

If it looks like others are doing business with you, she will be more inclined to do business with you as well. The minute your potential customer spotsrepparttar 134627 cobwebs, or one inch of dust on top of your products, she's gone.

Now, I'm not talking glamour and glitz...don't try to dazzle and baffle 'em. I'm telling you to make surerepparttar 134628 basics are covered.

Sharp, crisp design, fast loading pages, lots of white space betweenrepparttar 134629 tons of content. You are providing tons of content aren't you?

How to Jazz up Your Site with Quality ClipArt

Written by Stefene Russell

Clipart has something of a bad name. And it's true, there's some terrible clip art out there. I always think ofrepparttar images that appeared in my grade-school reading workbooks: rigid line drawings of kids playing sports, pictures of fruit bowls (the apples were always colored in with lots of little dots for some reason), and dopey-looking cartoon animals. Thoughrepparttar 134621 world andrepparttar 134622 web still overflow with plenty of cut-rate, third-grade clip art, there's also a lot of good stuff out there, much of it free.

If you don't have access to a scanner or a digital camera, chances are you've probably already found some free graphics onrepparttar 134623 web to jazz up your web page. If your site is a personal homepage, then feel free to post allrepparttar 134624 Garfieldrepparttar 134625 Cat images you want. However, if you're trying to run a small business onrepparttar 134626 web,repparttar 134627 choice of graphics can drastically affect your professional image. So, rule number one: no Garfields, unless you're selling Garfield merchandise.

Rule number two: don't resign yourself to using pixely, B-grade images--there are surprising sources of quality graphics all overrepparttar 134628 web. One of these isrepparttar 134629 Library of Congress website. Many of their images are free in terms of both cost and copyright. Just be sure to check carefully to make surerepparttar 134630 image is domain-free before you use it. Most ofrepparttar 134631 images tend to be rather large, so be sure to reducerepparttar 134632 size, and shrinkrepparttar 134633 K by using a program such as Ulead's Smartsaver.

Library of Congress:

If you've gotrepparttar 134634 time for some serious browsing, visit for a listing of free clipart sites. They've listedrepparttar 134635 best sites, rated them, and included visitor comments--which can really help you narrow down what sites you want to search. The clipart searcher ( offers a free three-day trial membership, if you don't find what you're looking for on

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