Is your site being ignored by search engines?!

Written by Hani Banna

If your web site is information driven, it is more than likely that a database is used to serve uprepparttar content.

Now when it comes to search engines, all your valuable content is invisible because it is stored inrepparttar 128202 database! Generally speaking search engines will not index search results on your web site. This leaves you with a database full of rich information but no way forrepparttar 128203 search engines to index it!

There is a simple way around this: store your content in a dual format. One version is kept inrepparttar 128204 database and another in static html formatted files. The static version is then submitted and indexed byrepparttar 128205 search engines. This is a programming free, 20 minute process as you will see below.

If you don't have a large content database here is what to do, visit your site and perform a search that returnsrepparttar 128206 largest amount of results from you database. Storerepparttar 128207 source code ofrepparttar 128208 search result page to a static html file and publish this file to your web site. Then it's a matter of submitting this page to allrepparttar 128209 search engines and Voila! Your web site content is forrepparttar 128210 world to see.

If you have a fairly large database then you're in luck! Cause I've got a method for you that will create some ofrepparttar 128211 most powerful jump pages you'll ever have. This should take around an hour all up, but it's well worth it:

1) Creatingrepparttar 128212 static pages: visit your web site online and perform a single search for each major content category, eg: "history books" might be one category. At each result screen saverepparttar 128213 source code to a html file. It's worthwhile taking care inrepparttar 128214 naming ofrepparttar 128215 individual html files. The name could be in-line withrepparttar 128216 category names. Repeat this for allrepparttar 128217 categories.

Get Listed in Yahoo Becomes Easy

Written by King Lui

Get listed in Yahoo directory is very important in web site promotion because traffic of Yahoo directory is ranked as No.1. If your site is listed in Yahoo, you are likely to get decent traffic from it. Many webmasters found that it is extremely difficult to get listed in Yahoo. Granted! It is not impossible but really quite difficult. You need to spend effort on Yahoo submission, let me sharerepparttar following tips with you:


If your site is a business site, prepare to pay Yahoo US$199 (Business Express Service). It is officially announced that there is no free lunch for business sites anymore. The price guarantees that your web site will be reviewed within 7 days. As Yahoo needs to maintain a high quality directory, it cannot promise that your site will be included after a review. For non-business site, you can still submit to Yahoo for zero cost. However, Yahoo does not guarantee to review your site.

For adult site, you need to pay US$600 before Yahooˇ¦s editors will visit your site.

In general, submit to Yahoo requires money. To avoid wasting your money, you need to well prepare your site before submission.


In your web site,

1. Your official business name should be clearly visible. Yahoo is likely to take it as your site title.

2. There are no broken links and no under construction areas exist.

3. Your site must be available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If your web host is unreliable, it means you must switch your web hosting company.

4. If you are selling products, you must ensure that you can accept credit card payment on-line in a secure channel. More favorably, you accept multiple payment methods.

5. Ensure that your business address is available at your web site. Preferably, it should be found somewhere at your homepage. At least, you should add a page called about us or contact us and provide your business address in this page.

6. Ensure that your web site functions properly in different browsers, at least,repparttar 128201 latest version of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

7. Your site should be loaded fast. Of course,repparttar 128202 meaning of ˇ§fastˇ¨is subjective. If your site can be completely loaded within 6 ˇV 8 seconds, it should be no problem.

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