Is your first impression HELLO?

Written by Chris Bradford and Brande McCree

We only get one chance to make a first impression. This is very important when soliciting new distributors. We need to have potential distributors perceive us asrepparttar professionals in our industry.

Knowingrepparttar 102049 first impression we make is a lasting one, why do we insist on answering our phone simply by saying "HELLO?" Most of us just don't think about it. Let's look at a couple alternatives.

If you are an individual, you might choose to answerrepparttar 102050 phone like this:

"Hello. This is Chris Bradford. Thank you for calling. How may I help you today?"

Or, if you are a corporation or other business entity, you might choose to answerrepparttar 102051 phone in this manner:

"Thank you for calling Brande's Dream Team. This is Chris Bradford. How may I help you today?"

With either of these methods, you will be making a truly professional first impression.

What about your answering machine? Does it simply take messages, or do you also use it as a promotional tool? Whoever is calling you wants to speak to you. They will probably leave a message. So you have their attention, for about one minute. If your message is any longer than one minute, they are more likely to hang up on you.

Let's look at a simple sample script.

"Thank you for calling. This is Chris Bradford, distributor of wonderful products and promoter of an exceptional business opportunity. I regret I am unavailable to take your call atrepparttar 102052 moment. However, Your call is very important to me. Atrepparttar 102053 sound ofrepparttar 102054 tone, please leave me as detailed of a message as possible, and I will return your call within 24 hours."

In this message you accomplished several important things.

1. You thanked them for calling you.

2. You gave them a brief introduction as to what you do.

3. You expressed regret for not taking their call.

The Four Work Stresses of Christmas

Written by Martin Avis

It is December 14th, butrepparttar plants in my garden would hardly let you believe it. Geraniums are still in flower, roses are still blooming and my magnolia tree has yet to lose a single leaf. London may be basking in peculiarly unseasonal weather, but Christmas is nearly upon us.

'At Christmas I no more desire a rose Than wish a snow in May's newfangled mirth; But like of each thing that in season grows.' > Shakespeare (1564 - 1616), Love's Labour Lost

Christmas - that time of over-indulgence, added anxiety and sheer stress. Bah, humbug!

Actually, I love Christmas. Butrepparttar 102048 reality for so many people at work is that hidden beneathrepparttar 102049 surface of jollity and bonhomie is that it is potentiallyrepparttar 102050 most difficult time of year.

The four work stresses of Christmas.

1. Christmas has become a giant milestone inrepparttar 102051 year. This forces everyone into an artificial mindset that demands that everything be completed 'beforerepparttar 102052 holiday.' As a result,repparttar 102053 weeks before Christmas are an absolute nightmare for many people. People who are already overworked are forced to pull extra hours to get work completed. Yet often, a moments thought by those demandingrepparttar 102054 completion of jobs would show that nothing bad will happen if they are held over until early January.

If you are a 'holiday hurrier', spare a thought for what is truly urgent and what is simply being hurried because it is Christmas.

2. The social whirl. Just because it is Christmas, everybody has to get on. And on, and on. Festive parties seem to start as soon asrepparttar 102055 shops start displaying tinsel - and that can be as early as September where I live! If you are prone to suffer from stress - as so many of us are these days - endless eating and drinking in smokey atmospheres (even if you don't smoke yourself) is just going to make things worse. Not only are you lowering your bodies resistance, but you are also severely limiting your ability to keep on top ofrepparttar 102056 heightened workload.

Don't be a killjoy, but equally, don't party yourself intorepparttar 102057 floor.

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