Is your e-mail private? No!

Written by Tim North

Considerrepparttar following three claims:

1. Your e-mail is not private.

2. Your e-mail might not be sent torepparttar 109703 intended recipient.

3. Your e-mail can continue to exist even after you delete it.

The following article explainsrepparttar 109704 truth of these alarming statements and why you should be concerned if you're sending confidential messages by e-mail.

1. The privacy problem ---------------------- When you send an e-mail message from computer A to computer B it passes through one or more machines (C, D, E, etc.) on its journey. At each step alongrepparttar 109705 way, an unscrupulous individual with access torepparttar 109706 intermediate machine hasrepparttar 109707 opportunity to read -- or even alter -- your e-mail message.

Within a private intranet (i.e. a company network), such privacy violations could occur if:

* IT staff with access torepparttar 109708 mail server were unscrupulous;

* unauthorised personnel had access torepparttar 109709 mail server (e.g. if someone walked away fromrepparttar 109710 server without logging out); or

* security measures designed to keep hackers out ofrepparttar 109711 mail server were insufficient or were not enforced rigorously.

When e-mail is sent overrepparttar 109712 Internet (a public network)repparttar 109713 risks become notably higher. If you send an e-mail message from Sydney to New York it may pass through half-a-dozen machines on its journey, *each* of which are subject torepparttar 109714 risks mentioned above. Thusrepparttar 109715 hazards accumulate with each extra machine thatrepparttar 109716 message passes through.

2. The identity problem ----------------------- Another risk with e-mail is that you really don't know who will receive it. This happens because some people choose to forward (i.e. divert) their e-mail to another person or authorise another person to read it for them. For example, if you send a message to a senior colleague, remember that this person's e-mail might be read by his or her secretary or stand-in. That can be awkward.

I know of a case where a manager sent an e-mail report to his CEO describing a clerical officer's poor performance. The CEO had, unfortunately, forwarded his e-mail to his acting secretary, who that day happened to be (you guessed it)repparttar 109717 clerical officer in question. The clerical officer readrepparttar 109718 critical report, and all manner of morale problems ensued.


Written by Jim Daniels

Here are some great tips, tricks, add-ons and shortcuts for two popular email programs; Qualcomm's Eudora and Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express.

Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express Tips and Tricks:

o Did you know that you can view ongoing email conversations by quickly changingrepparttar view in Outlook and Outlook Express? Select a message in your in-box, click on "View", point your cursor to "Current View" and then click "Group Messages by Conversation". You'll see all messages with that particular person and they'll be organized in a nice, neat thread!

o Worried about a virus? First off, NEVER open an attachment before virus checking it. Also consider using "Chilton Preview" rather than Outlook's built-in preview pane.

Microsoft Outlook's AutoPreview lets you see justrepparttar 109702 first three lines of messages. It also leaves you susceptible to malicious code in html messages. "Chilton Preview" is a tiny add-on that puts a whole third pane on your Outlook window, to let you scroll through entire messages without opening them. It readsrepparttar 109703 plain text equivalent of HTML messages so it does not leave you vulnerable to malicious code in HTML mail.

o You can have Outlook and Outlook Express quickly add any email addresses to your Address Book. Just open any incoming message then right-click onrepparttar 109704 name you want to add. Then click on "Add to Address Book".

Outlook and Outlook Express keyboard Shortcuts:

o Press F3 to perform an advanced find. o Ctrl-Q will mark a message as read. o Ctrl-K matchesrepparttar 109705 text typed intorepparttar 109706 TO field with an existing contact.

Outlook Add-ons you may want to try...

o ListsNet Tuner: o AutoReply: o Email Talks:

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