Is your Domain Name in Trouble?

Written by Alyice Edrich

How long ago was it that you purchased your Domain Name? Is it time to re-register? Check your expiration date today! If you have six months or less on your contract, re-register today, before something happens and it's too late.

Don't think it can happen to you? It has already happened to many small and large businesses. They waited untilrepparttar last minute, business got so busy that they forgot altogether, or an error occurred withrepparttar 108300 registrar company and before these businesses knew it, someone had come along and snatched up their domain name, right out from under them.

One business man had close to two weeks to re-register his domain name, so he went online to make a payment and renewrepparttar 108301 domain for a few more years. However, something happened with his domain host that prevented him from making a payment online, so he calledrepparttar 108302 company and asked them to take care of it. He gave them allrepparttar 108303 necessary information and paid with his credit card, by phone. Thinkingrepparttar 108304 problem was solved, he went about his daily business. A week later, his domain name "officially" expired and someone purchased it right out from under him! All that work, gone!

A work at home mom had a fairly successful online business, but for whatever reason, didn't get her domain registered beforerepparttar 108305 deadline. Know what happened to her site? A porn site snatched it up.

Others have lost their domain names due to harvesting software programs that now let others knowrepparttar 108306 second your domain name is vulnerable.

Talk about a WAKE UP CALL! If you have a domain name, register it at least a few months in advance of it's expiration date. That way, if anything does go hay wire, you have time to fix it before you lose your domain name.

You put a lot of hard work and hours into your website. You put in a lot of money for advertising, so that people know where to find you. You have gainedrepparttar 108307 respect and admiration of many people and businesses. Don't throw caution outrepparttar 108308 door thinking this cannot happen to you.

What's Good For A Domain Name?

Written by Richard Lowe

I have purchased a lot of domain names for many different reasons. Sometimesrepparttar domain name is for a business purchase, such as an ecommerce site. I have purchased many domain names for simple personal reasons, and occasionallyrepparttar 108299 purchase was just to keep someone else from obtainingrepparttar 108300 name and abusing it.

Personal Domain Names

There are many reasons to get a personal domain name. Sometimes it's vanity, sometimes it's a hobby and occasionallyrepparttar 108301 purpose is more serious and purposeful. No matter whatrepparttar 108302 reason, it's important to get justrepparttar 108303 right domain name to portray exactlyrepparttar 108304 desired image. Remember,repparttar 108305 domain name is one ofrepparttar 108306 first things seen by your visitors, and it tells a lot about you.

Many people like to purchase their name as a .COM address. My friend James Huggins ( has done this, as have my wife ( and myself ( This is a a fantastic way to get people who know you (or know of you) to your site. They simply know your name.

Ifrepparttar 108307 .COM version is not available, you can check forrepparttar 108308 other domains: .NET, .INFO, .BIZ, .ORG, .US (for US citizens) or .WS. There are also many country codes available (.TO for Tonga, for example), and occasionally these are available to anyone without restriction. Other times, they are only to citizens of those countries.

In my case, I tried to getrepparttar 108309 .COM version of my name, but some scum domain name scavenger had purchased it. He would happily sell it to me, he said, forrepparttar 108310 small sum of $350. Yeah, right. I went ahead and purchasedrepparttar 108311 hyphenated version instead.

A new option which is pretty cool isrepparttar 108312 .NAME domain name. These are intended for names only, inrepparttar 108313 format or I went ahead and purchased repparttar 108314 names of myself ( and my wife ( This makes it very easy to find our personal web sites.

You can also purchase domain names which describe your interests or hobbies. For example, we purchased to describe our Christmas experiences, and to show off Claudia's recipe collection.

I had an idea last year to get something special for my wife on our anniversary (in addition to jewelry, of course - I am not stupid). I decided to purchase some domain names for her - andrepparttar 108315 .NET, and .ORG versions as well. I loadedrepparttar 108316 site with other pages and things that had been made for her overrepparttar 108317 years. A very unique present.

Business Names

So you've been working hard on your web site making it perfect. You've surveyed your market, analyzed their requirements, designed and coded a killer site, and now it's time to cut it loose onrepparttar 108318 world. It's time to do some promotion. After all, it does not matter how good a site is if no one visits.

An important part of your promotional plan should berepparttar 108319 purchase of domain names. You will need at least one, as it's considered extremely unprofessional for a business to have a presence onrepparttar 108320 internet without one. And with domain names available for $8.95 a year,repparttar 108321 lack of one cannot be justified financially.

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