Is there a right time to publish on an intranet?

Written by Steve Nichols

If you publish corporate material on an intranet presumably you want staff to read it. Yet how many communicators really think about when isrepparttar right time to publish for maximum impact? Steve Nichols of InfoTech Communications takes a closer look.

The easy answer is to publish your content when you have something to say. But this presupposes that your audience isrepparttar 140349 same, whateverrepparttar 140350 time of day, or day ofrepparttar 140351 week. This is just not so. The type of content management system (CMS) in use on most intranets just exacerbatesrepparttar 140352 problem.

Most CMS work on a scrolling, "first in, first out" basis, with new news being given priority. Once three or four stories have been published, any previous content is pushed either offrepparttar 140353 screen or appears "belowrepparttar 140354 fold", needing a scroll to see it. This means that for maximum readability an important news story must be left on its own for a period of a few hours atrepparttar 140355 top ofrepparttar 140356 tree.

Once three or four more stories have been published on top it effectively becomes invisible. But content management aside, is there a right time to publish? Anyone working in an office will know that Mondays and Fridays are usuallyrepparttar 140357 favourite days for holidays or "sickies". The extended weekend, whether approved or not, is fact of life within most organisations. The truth is that if you publish important news material on either of these days a large percentage of your readers may never see it.

Core days tend to be Tuesday through Thursday, although you can never guarantee any given day will give you maximum exposure. If any of these butts up against a public holiday then, again, you may miss staff. So given that midweek is best, what about timing? This is another difficult question, and will depend upon your workforce andrepparttar 140358 nature of their work. Before 9am is probably a no-no, andrepparttar 140359 period between noon and 2pm will catch many at lunch. Leave it until after 3.30pm andrepparttar 140360 chances are that some will be heading home.

How To Get Directories To Submit Your Site - With This 5 Steps Guide !

Written by Lakhya Phukan

So you have completed that new site and want to start your site promotion campaign by getting listed in some directories? Well,definitely a good idea, because those directories will provide yourepparttar initial thrust needed for visibility of your web site. But then how do you find those directories to submit your site to?

No need to despair! Help is at hand! , allow this simple 5 steps guide help you out with your campaign:

1. Check out your competitions back links. Your competition is sure to have got links from some directories. Try to get into those first.

2. Do a search in Google (the most obvious one!) using keywords like 'submit site directory’. You will come up with many directories for your site. And you can use your imagination to come up with new combination of keywords for searching in Google.

3. Do a search in Google with "allintitle:webdirectory". I did a search with these keywords and came up with some good directories. Or you can use "allinurl:webdirectory" also. The command "allintitle:webdirectory" shows those sites which have "webdirectory" word inrepparttar 140273 site title. Similarlyrepparttar 140274 command "allinurl:webdirectory" shows those sites which have "web-directory" inrepparttar 140275 site url.You can change "webdirectory" to "internetdirectory" or any other keyword of your choice.

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