Is there a Guru in the house?

Written by Joe Myna

Is there a Guru inrepparttar house?

By Joe Myna

The Internet has given us many marvelous advantages in international marketing, fromrepparttar 117612 speed and convenience of email torepparttar 117613 ease and economy of product downloading.

Yet these wonders pale by comparison when you realize repparttar 117614 sheer volume of Gurus that inhabitrepparttar 117615 Web.

As a young boy growing up in Ohio I was impressed byrepparttar 117616 rarity of those mystics who with one utterance, could place in a nutshell all worldly knowledge.

Onrepparttar 117617 other hand, there had always existed plenty of "experts."

In olden days folks were forced to rely onrepparttar 117618 now outdated, 'expert' for knowledge and virtuosity.

When it comes to Internet marketing there are no experts, only Gurus.

You remember what an 'expert' is, don't you!

Well, as a distinguished Chinese gentleman named Charlie Chan, once said, "An expert is a person who provides quick answers that are sometimes correct."

While, as Charlie says, an 'expert' may only from time to time, correctly assume a fact, a Guru never ever suffers from this fallacy.

A Guru just knows all!

You see,repparttar 117619 only qualityrepparttar 117620 'expert' lacks is perfection, otherwise he would be a Guru!

There is one other distinguishing characteristic you'll notice when sorting out a Guru from an 'expert'. An 'expert' is either, self designated or quickly proclaimsrepparttar 117621 title, while a Guru leaves that function to his associates.

As a lad I was just naive enough to believe thatrepparttar 117622 world only offered us one or two true Gurus.

Naturally, I had heard ofrepparttar 117623 mysterious Dalai Lama with his universal wisdom, and maybe about a couple of odd characters hanging out in Tibet, but that was it.

I truly believed that these few individuals summed uprepparttar 117624 entire Guru population. Then I discoveredrepparttar 117625 Internet.

Ab Gizmos and Other Assorted Snake Oils

Written by Elena Fawkner

Ab Gizmos and Other Assorted Snake Oils

2002 Elena Fawkner

Big news this week. The FTC's going afterrepparttar companies behindrepparttar 117611 ab gizmos. You knowrepparttar 117612 ones - develop six-pack abs in 6 weeks without doing a single situp. All you do is strap on this belt gizmo and it sends hundreds of electrical charges torepparttar 117613 abdominal muscles causing them to contract. Voila! Allrepparttar 117614 benefits of hundreds of crunches without any effort.

The FTC's claiming millions of dollars from these companies. This is just to disgorgerepparttar 117615 money these companies received from customers.

Why? The ab gizmos don't work. It's all a big fat lie.

Well ... duh.

So why, then, have these companies made hundreds of millions of dollars?

Because there are an awful lot of people who want something for nothing. They don't want to have to wait, they don't want to have to expend effort. They desperately want to believe it's possible to get something now and without working for it.

So, they'll fork over $99 in 3 easy instalments for a gizmo that will give them rock-hard abs in six weeks while inrepparttar 117616 meantime they sit aroundrepparttar 117617 pool doing nothing but sipping Margueritas. No matter that it won't work. Hope is alive and well and that's what they've paid for.

And that's what these marketers are selling, after all. They're not selling an ab gizmo. They KNOW they don't work. But that's OK because what they're selling is hope. The hope that maybe, with this doodad, you won't have to get in shaperepparttar 117618 way all those other poor schleps have to. You won't have to go on a diet to lose fat and exercise to build muscle. Nosiree, not you. We're going to give YOU a magic wand!

Sound familiar? What was in your inbox this morning after you finally downloaded all your mail? How many emails did you receive telling you that you can make $3,000 a week doing nothing? Or you can earn a full-time income with part- time work? Or, how about this, "We'll do allrepparttar 117619 work!"? (After you pay us $60 for your place inrepparttar 117620 matrix, that is.)

Or maybe you've written ads like these yourself. Smart marketer that you are, you know thatrepparttar 117621 best way to sell your product is to market it as something that will take away pain. You know that for your target market, working in a J.O.B. (just over broke) day after day is painful. You offer a way to escape that pain.

But take a closer look at your ad. If you're pushing a matrix program, you know, deep down where it counts, that you probably got in too late yourself and anyone who comes in under you is even further downrepparttar 117622 pyramid (er, matrix). You're not only engaging in an illegal activity - a pyramid scheme (and no, sticking a matrix label on it doesn't change what it is) - if you're advertising it as a way for someone to invest $30 and take away $30,000 in 30 days (or ANY time period for that matter), you're doing exactlyrepparttar 117623 same thing asrepparttar 117624 ab gizmo companies. You're selling snake oil. Thinkrepparttar 117625 FTC won't come after you? Think again.

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