Is it possible to be successful in online business?

Written by Arina Nikitina

I guess everyone who tried to run their own online business many times have asked themselves questions: ?Jeez! What am I doing??? Is it really worth my time and my money? Are all these promises a truth? Do ?Mary and John, who earned 3 750$ in their first month? exist??

When I started my first online business I?ve spent about 100$ in first 3 months and earned just 5$ (It was my only sale duringrepparttar period of 3 months!). And I really wasn?t lazy! I worked about 25 hours per week placing ads, participating in discussions, submitting to search engines and directories, studying various promotion tutorials and so on. Now I?m in online business for 2 years. I?ve tried a huge amount of different programs, and now my income varies from 2 000$ to 5 000$ depending on how many hours I work. In this article I?m going to give you some advise how to start your online business and don?t fail because of common mistakes.

First of all let?s figure out what online business really is. It?s selling. It doesn?t matter what to sell: some service, some product or an opportunity to earn money. Mostly what you need to do is to find customers. And it?s not so easy as it seems. Here I?ve got some tips how to be successful in finding potential customers:

1. BE ORGANIZED Operating a business requires a certain amount of discipline. You may not want to hear that!! It's true though and we all need to accept it. Discipline means building your business schedule intorepparttar 117463 schedule of your life. Most common tools that you have to have in your arsenal are To Do Lists andrepparttar 117464 Next Day Plan. Everyone knows what a To Do List is all about but how many plan forrepparttar 117465 next day atrepparttar 117466 end ofrepparttar 117467 current day. 2. FIND OUT WHO IS YOUR CUSTOMER Why it is so important to know who are your customers? Because then you can predict where to find them! Close your eyes and try to imagine who might be interested in your product. Is it a man or a woman? How old are they? Where are they working? What arerepparttar 117468 things that they ate interested in? Write downrepparttar 117469 portrait of your customer and try to conclude what web sites they might be visiting, what newsgroups are they participating in, what ezines are they reading. So you?ll know where to place your ad in order to get as many responses as possible.

The 8 Myths About Creating Wealth

Written by Nikola Grubisa

You have probably read or heard about various myths (these are repparttar truths that are valid only for certain cases, but not in general) surrounding wealth and wealthy people, all of which hinder your quest for financial independence. Here arerepparttar 117462 most common and most destructive:

Myth No. 1: How much you earn depends on how hard you work

If this were true, thenrepparttar 117463 physical, blue-collar workers, who have been working hard for years, would have beenrepparttar 117464 wealthiest people on earth. Of course, this isn't true. They form most ofrepparttar 117465 workforce andrepparttar 117466 vast majority of repparttar 117467 middle-class.

If you witnessed your parents coming home tired from a long day's work in your youth, you probably learned that money wasn't a sufficient reward for all that effort. People who work "just" forrepparttar 117468 money often have debts because they comfort themselves with whatever they can buy, beautiful things they lack when working.

Myth No. 2: Being paid for something you enjoy isn't work and you shouldn't ask for money for doing something that is enjoyable.

Check this with millionaires. They all have so much money that they don't need to work anymore. Nevertheless, they work for other reasons, challenge, satisfaction, fullness of life, activity, fun ... and all are connected to a love for their work. If there was no joy in doing a certain task, they would do something else that would make them much happier and that enables them to realize their dreams.

In fact, if you don't enjoy your work, you will never become wealthy doing it! However, just because you enjoy your work doesn't mean you shouldn't get paid for it - in fact, that is repparttar 117469 ultimate goal, to get paid for what you already enjoy so it never feels like you are at work!

Myth No. 3: You need to be inrepparttar 117470 right line of business to amass wealth

Do you think so? This must mean that allrepparttar 117471 people who are involved inrepparttar 117472 same business are millionaires. Of course, this isn't true. In each business there are winners and losers; winners abound, even in businesses that consist of distasteful (to most) or "impossible" work like sweepingrepparttar 117473 streets, collectingrepparttar 117474 trash, working in a factory, pumping gas, selling newspapers, etc. Onrepparttar 117475 other hand, there are just as many "losers" in businesses like selling real estate, management or being a stockbroker.

Myth No. 4: You needrepparttar 117476 right education to make a fortune

Arerepparttar 117477 most educated people reallyrepparttar 117478 wealthiest? Not at all! In this case, university professors would berepparttar 117479 wealthiest people on earth. Ask them about their salaries, if you getrepparttar 117480 opportunity. The truth is vastly different -repparttar 117481 wealthiest people are those who can convert their knowledge (or education) into money, inrepparttar 117482 best possible way. They can be highly educated people (like inventors, scientists, etc.) or almost ignorant.

Being formally uneducated does not equate to poor performance onrepparttar 117483 job orrepparttar 117484 inability to form a strong enough vision to carry a person to success - they can easily be experts without having a formal education.

Myth No. 5: It used to be easier

Statistics show an increase inrepparttar 117485 number of millionaires in repparttar 117486 world every year. Talking aboutrepparttar 117487 "good old times" only offers comfort and a convenient excuse. If you look around, you'll see there are people who behavedrepparttar 117488 same way inrepparttar 117489 "good old times" as they do now, yet their success has been recent. With technology and progress come new ideas, desires and needs and there are more business opportunities appearing daily to serve them.

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