Is a Home Business Right For You?

Written by Jeff Casmer

Every morning as people wake up and makerepparttar commute to work, many dream ofrepparttar 117131 day when they will finally work for themselves. Every timerepparttar 117132 boss lets someone know that they must give up their weekend plans forrepparttar 117133 good ofrepparttar 117134 company, people contemplaterepparttar 117135 benefits of beingrepparttar 117136 owner of their own business.

Are you one of these people?

If you are, it is important to ask yourself some very important questions before you makerepparttar 117137 uncertain leap into self-employment.

Many dream ofrepparttar 117138 benefits of home business ownership, but few take into accountrepparttar 117139 sacrifices that must be made to bringrepparttar 117140 dream to fruition. Please don't make this mistake yourself.

You must approach home business ownership with your eyes wide open. Ask yourselfrepparttar 117141 important questions, and more importantly, answer your own questions openly and honestly.


Are yourepparttar 117142 type of person who relishes every chance to gather aroundrepparttar 117143 water cooler for social interaction?

If so, then home business ownership may not berepparttar 117144 right decision for you.

Instead, if you feel that you can be quite content sitting alone at your desk; speaking only to clients and really minding your own home business, then you might have what it takes to succeed as a home business entrepreneur.

If you feel at ease with your own company and don't need a dozen coworkers milling around your desk, then you, too, could savorrepparttar 117145 freedoms that will allow you and your family, to liverepparttar 117146 lifestyle you know you want and deserve.


Self-motivation isrepparttar 117147 key to success when you start a home-based business. You need to possessrepparttar 117148 ability to push yourself ahead. Your drive and determination will be reinforced with every new sale.

The level of success that you will achieve greatly depends onrepparttar 117149 time and effort you are willing to plow into your new home business. Your organization, planning and marketing skills, will all be put into practice when you embark on your liberating journey from employee, to being your own boss. In fact, you will berepparttar 117150 wearer of many hats and gain a wealth of business experience alongrepparttar 117151 way, when you finally make that commitment to work at home.

Advertising Your Home Business on a Budget

Written by Jeff Casmer

When you are starting out in a new home business and no one knows who you are, one ofrepparttar greatest challenges you will face is how to drum up new business.

If there were not people in your community or marketplace that you knew who needed your products or services, you probably would not have started your business to begin with. But, once you have talked to those who you personally knew who needed your what you offer, then your next task is to find others who will help keep your doors open.

Many people know that they must turn to advertising at some point inrepparttar 117130 future, but they hope that day will be long down repparttar 117131 road. For some, this utopian concept will come to fruition. But forrepparttar 117132 rest of us inrepparttar 117133 real world, we must come up with creative solutions for meeting our home business advertising needs while working within our budget.

Most people have a misconception about having to spend lots of money in order to advertise their home business. When you start out, you honestly will not have much money available for advertising, and if you do, you should still spend it wisely.

Before you jump headfirst intorepparttar 117134 world of advertising, let me share some ofrepparttar 117135 lessons I have learned concerning this most important topic.


It does not have to cost an arm and a leg to advertise your home business, unless you fail to plan and fail to test.

As much as is possible, you should always test your advertising. If you jump in and start dumping tons of money in to advertising without first testing your advertising, you might find yourself broke and without sales atrepparttar 117136 end ofrepparttar 117137 road. Most people who commit this error write off their failure onrepparttar 117138 home business they chose orrepparttar 117139 economy or any of a hundred other excuses. But, if they are unwilling to take responsibility for their mistake, they will never learn from their mistake. Don't let this be you.


All testing should be done in blocks. If you begin to advertise simultaneously in newspapers, radio and television, how will you know which advertising is bringing people to your cash register? You won't. All you will know that something might be working, but you will not know what is actually doingrepparttar 117140 trick.

Even if you tell people in your advertising to tell you how they found you, my experience shows that fewer than 10% ofrepparttar 117141 people ever will tell you anything --- and those people who do may not even getrepparttar 117142 facts straight! You cannot rely on your customers to tell you what advertising is working for your home business. You must put inrepparttar 117143 extra effort to know for yourself.


Only when you have a proven and solid advertising portfolio should you venture to drop big bucks in an advertising campaign. Even then, you should be careful to keep further measurements to determine how muchrepparttar 117144 maximum advantage of an ad would be. Sometimes you might be able to reach ten times as many people, but depending onrepparttar 117145 kind of media and other factors,repparttar 117146 additional exposure will only generate twice as many sales. Keep your eye attuned to situations like this to getrepparttar 117147 most from your advertising dollars.


As Lesson #3 illustrates, sometimes your best advertising investment may actually cost you less money. When you are first starting out, whether you are running a home business or a business outside of your home, you need to be able to get people talking and thinking about your business.

If you are busy testing ads in media's such asrepparttar 117148 newspaper, magazines, radio, and television, you need to learn ways of promoting your business that do not require large cash expenditures. A few examples are:

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