Is a DVD VCR recorder right for you?

Written by Kenny Hemphill

A DVD VCR recorder may, at first sight, seem like an ugly combo of old technology with new. However, there are many advantages to be had from a DVD VCR recorder, also known as DVD VHS recorder or DVD VCR combo recorder.

The first and most obvious advantage is that it provides an easy way to copy your old VHS tapes to DVD and thus preserve them for much longer than they would last on a VHS tape. Just stickrepparttar tap and blank DVD intorepparttar 133409 machine, press a button and, bingo, you're ropey old VHS tapes can be consigned torepparttar 133410 trash, to be replaced by a shiny, new DVD disc.

Saving space is another advantage of having a DVD VCR recorder. Many people like to keep hold of old VHS tapes for all sorts of reasons, but having a DVD recorder and a VCR takes up space, plug sockets, and adds torepparttar 133411 jungle of wires behindrepparttar 133412 TV.

However, it's not all good news. A DVD VCR recorder has one distinct disadvantage over having two separate units and its one that affects every area where technology combines multiple functions into one device. Put simply, if your VCR breaks, you've lost your DVD recorder to. And vice versa. Whereas, if you had separate VHS and DVD machines, when one breaks and you need to send it off to be repaired, you still haverepparttar 133413 other.

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