Is Your Site in the Google Sandbox

Written by Jeannette Balleza

The Widget Corporation is a highly successful business that specializes in designing and manufacturing office widgets, namely customized stress balls and ergonomically designed footrests.

The owner Jason Widget collaborated with a web design company to create a beautiful web site with strong content, numerous incoming links, an online catalog and ordering system.

Even afterrepparttar site was featured inrepparttar 149880 industry's most popular trade publication six weeks afterrepparttar 149881 site launch, Mr. Widget was confounded when he went to Google and searched for his web site using intuitive keyword combinations, including ''Widget Corporation,'' ''office widgets,'' ''custom stress balls,'' etc.


His searches kept yielding pages of results, butrepparttar 149882 Widget Corp's site was nowhere to be found inrepparttar 149883 first two pages of listings.

Then he typed inrepparttar 149884 keyword combo ''ergonomic footrests,'' and his site popped up #1.

Sound familiar?

Mr. Widget's web site, although optimized well for search engines, is likely one ofrepparttar 149885 many web sites launched after March 2004 that are experiencingrepparttar 149886 Google Sandbox effect. Whilerepparttar 149887 existence ofrepparttar 149888 Sandbox as a new site filter is a subject of debate among search engine experts, Google has reportedly all but admitted thatrepparttar 149889 Sandbox filter is real.

What exactly isrepparttar 149890 Google Sandbox?

According to Wayne Hurlbert, a contributor to Blog Business World for successful entrepreneurs,repparttar 149891 Sandbox ''is very similar to a new web site being placed on probation, and kept lower than expected in searches, prior to being given full value for its incoming links and content.''

Withrepparttar 149892 onslaught of spam-related web sites coming online,repparttar 149893 Sandbox theoretically weeds out from results pages those spammers who supplement weak content with purchased links to garner high rankings and sales before getting banned.

Google PageRank Update Analysis

Written by Dave Davies

For those of you not yet aware, Google is currently updatingrepparttar PageRank they are displaying in their toolbar. Each update causes a stir amongrepparttar 149831 SEO community and webmasters trying to get their websites torepparttar 149832 top ofrepparttar 149833 Google Rankings.

What Is PageRank?

Without getting into too much detail, PageRank is essentially a score out of ten as torepparttar 149834 "value" of your site in comparison to other websites onrepparttar 149835 Internet. It is based on two primary factors;repparttar 149836 number of links you have pointing to your website andrepparttar 149837 value ofrepparttar 149838 links pointing to your website. The value is calculated based onrepparttar 149839 PageRank ofrepparttar 149840 page linking to you and debatablyrepparttar 149841 relevancy ofrepparttar 149842 page linking to you (there is no hard evidence to back uprepparttar 149843 relevancy factor in regards to PageRank that I have seen however it definitely is a factor in your overall ranking).

If you are interested in more information on PageRank you would do well to visitrepparttar 149844 many forums and articles onrepparttar 149845 topic and also visit Google's own description on their website at where theygive a brief description ofrepparttar 149846 technology.

What's New?

The most current PageRank update will undoubtedly cause a larger stir than usual in that many sites have shown drops in their visible PageRank while atrepparttar 149847 same time showing significant increases in their backlinks. This fact reveals that one of three things has occurred in this latest update:

  1. Google has raisedrepparttar 149848 bar on PageRank, making it more difficult to attain a high level, or
  2. The way they are displaying their backlinks has changed, or
  3. The way they calculaterepparttar 149849 value of an incoming link has changed.

Any of these are possible and has been noted inrepparttar 149850 past as something they are willing to do. Additionally, it is possible for all to occur atrepparttar 149851 same time.

As we don't like to use client's as examples I will userepparttar 149852 Beanstalk site, backlink counts, and PageRank changes asrepparttar 149853 meter by whichrepparttar 149854 following conclusions are drawn, however this information was attained through looking at a number of client website, and their competitors.

Google Raising The Bar To Lower Yours

Inrepparttar 149855 past few PageRank updates it has become quite apparent that Google is continuously raisingrepparttar 149856 bar on PageRank. In their defense, with all ofrepparttar 149857 reciprocal link building, link renting, etc. going on this was a natural reaction torepparttar 149858 growing number high PageRank sites that attained those ranks simply by building or buying hundreds and thousands of links.

There is no doubt that this is a factor inrepparttar 149859 changes in this current update. If your site has maintained it's PageRank, andrepparttar 149860 PageRanks of your second-level pages then you have done well in holding steady and if your competitors have not been as diligent their positions will slip.

New Backlink Calculations I mention this one only to bring to light that it is a possibility for your future consideration during other updates. The Beanstalk website went from 750 shown backlinks on Google to 864. it should be noted that Google does not show all backlinks (if you want a more accurate backlink count go to Yahoo! and enter "link:" (don't forgetrepparttar 149861 http://)).

Whenrepparttar 149862 Beanstalk site showed 750 backlinks on Google we were showing around 12,000 on Yahoo! (about 6.5% showing on Google). The Beanstalk site is now showing 864 on Google and 15,500 on Yahoo! (about 5.6%). If anything then, Google is showing less links than before which negatesrepparttar 149863 possibility that a website's PageRank is dropping due to a decrease in links but being hidden by an increased number being displayed.

In short, while which backlinks Google chooses to display has certainly changed over time it does not appear to be a major factor in this update. If you see an increase in your sites backlink counts during this update you undoubtedly have an increased number of links.

The Value Of Links

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