Is Your Site Too Slow? Why Image Optimization Is Critical When You Create A Web Site

Written by Herb and Monica Leibacher

Graphics are fun, but if you put in too many bells and whistles when you create your web site, you may lose a potential audience whose Internet connection can’t handle lots of graphics, and that means you’ll be losing potential customers.

According to UK website experts, one ofrepparttar major concerns in website graphical development is whatrepparttar 138987 results will look like on different browsers, platforms and screen sizes. writer Toni Will-Harris, a website graphics expert, offers nine steps to help you controlrepparttar 138988 graphics on your website:

1 - Keep graphics files small (under 20K) and graphics for navigation under 10K. Your graphics should be saved at a resolution no greater than 96 dpi. Here’s how to decide which format to choose:

> If your graphics have many colors, save them as JPG files. > If your graphics have few colors, choose GIF. > When using GIF, try optimized palettes that contain onlyrepparttar 138989 colors used because they can cut file sizes in half.

2 - Keep text files small (less than 10K). They should be broken into logical chunks and linked.

3 - Design for easy reading. Make your backgrounds as light as possible. If you use a background image, keeprepparttar 138990 action onrepparttar 138991 side, out ofrepparttar 138992 way ofrepparttar 138993 text. Put navigation onrepparttar 138994 left side ofrepparttar 138995 screen because it's practical and allows you to reserve part ofrepparttar 138996 screen (usually between 150 and 200 pixels) for navigation and identity.

How To Use Color Effectively When You Create A Web Site

Written by Herb Leibacher

Colors are powerful, and create strong feelings. They can also make your web site look professional – or look like a circus. Here are some powerful tips you should use every time you create a web site:

1 – Use contrasting colors

It is important to have contrast betweenrepparttar text andrepparttar 138986 background color, so thatrepparttar 138987 material on your web page is easy to read. Many successful sites use dark text on a light background (or vice versa).

While light text on a dark background may be easy for some people to read, it’s important to use this approach sparingly.

2 – Less is more

Just because you can put 58 different colors on your web site, doesn’t mean that you should. If you throw color in everywhere, it will lose its impact. A good rule is that for maximum impact, use one color on head lines, and a different but complementary color for normal text.

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