Is Your Offer a Bargain? Present the Facts!

Written by /"Wild Bill/" Montgomery

Listing specific facts will aid you in backing up your claims. Listing them is not enough; you must also know how to presentrepparttar facts. You can't just spew them out at your prospect like an erupting volcano. They must flow like a steady slow moving stream. Here are some pointers to help you in proving your offer isrepparttar 127406 one for them:

1) Dramatize Your Facts: Example: John Doe investedrepparttar 127407 last $50.00 of his savings in our program and now John makes over $5000 a month in his spare time!

2) Use "Human Interest" Facts: Present your facts in a clear, straightforward and interesting manner. Write in everyday language that people can understand. Don't get too technical. Don't presentrepparttar 127408 facts from your point of view, rather present them fromrepparttar 127409 prospective customerís point of view.

3) Be Specific: Convey allrepparttar 127410 details that are relevant to your product or offer. How did your product originate? Why was it created? Why is there a need for your product? How can product help them? Give details. Be specific!

How to Sell Big Ticket Items to an IT Director

Written by Richard Lowe

Overrepparttar last couple of months, I've been working on a major project at my day job. I have decided that it's time to replace our backup system with what's called an enterprise backup solution. This means we want to be able to manage all of our backups from a central location.

We are getting nearrepparttar 127405 end ofrepparttar 127406 bidding process for this project. It's been very interesting what withrepparttar 127407 recession and all. A year ago, when I asked for a price reduction on anything I was often laughed at or given just a token discount of a couple percent. Now I am getting deep cuts of thirty to fifty percent! One thing that I am learning is that while recessions are not good things, they do giverepparttar 127408 buyer more of an advantage than in a strong economy.

Where was I? Oh yes, I've been gathering information, bids, competitive data and lots of other things that I need to make a decision. You see, this is not a cheap solution andrepparttar 127409 problem is complex. Thus, I want to be sure that I can honestly sellrepparttar 127410 whole thing to my boss. When he asks me questions I want to be able to answer immediately.

The salespeople are getting very frustrated with this process. They are, quite frankly, not used to selling. My staff and I have noticed that salespeople inrepparttar 127411 computer business are, well, fat, dumb and lazy. Even though we are talking about a quarter of a million dollar project,repparttar 127412 people just don't want to do any work.

Finally one ofrepparttar 127413 salespeople came right out and told me he was very frustrated. He did not understand why I had not yet purchased his product. He had given me price quotes, a competitive analysis and a product specification. In his mind, he had done everything he needed to do.

I sat back in my chair for a minute, thinking about his question. It didn't take me long to formulate my thoughts.

"Tim", I said, "What I want is for you to sell me your product."

Tim was very surprised by this answer. He explained that he thought he was already doing that.

"No Tim", I replied, "what you are doing is giving me canned presentations, printing prepared specifications and comparisons off your web site, and pulling numbers from your price sheet. You are not selling me anything."

Tim honestly didn't understand - what was wrong with his approach?

Here's what I want from a salesperson. Listen to me and my staff. Really listen. Don't be thinking aboutrepparttar 127414 sale, about your wife or your commission. No, listen to me. I have patiently explained what problems we are trying to resolve, and I have asked my staff to explain what they want. We are very good communicators so you should be understanding what we are trying to say.

Now if you've been listening so you should know exactly how to solve our problems. Go back to your office, sit down at your desk and turn off your phone. Type onrepparttar 127415 computer exactly how your product will solverepparttar 127416 problems and concerns that me and my staff have presented to you.

Don't tell me why people want your product and don't tell me about your product. Tell me how your product solvesrepparttar 127417 problems that we have explained to you.

Yes, I need to seerepparttar 127418 specifications, but you need to explain why your product is better at meeting our requirements than anyone else. You say you've listened, okay, then prove it.

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