Is Your Internet Business Ready for Holiday Shoppers?

Written by Angela Wu

Okay, I confess: I can be a terrible procrastinator when it comes to shopping forrepparttar holidays. I don't much like fighting my way through crowded shopping malls. So, instead, I'm ready - even willing - to surfrepparttar 109026 web looking forrepparttar 109027 perfect gift.

And I'm notrepparttar 109028 only one. According to one article from, experienced web buyers found online shopping more satisfactory than traditional 'brick-and-mortar' stores or catalog shopping.**

It seems that Internet shopping is poised to become bigger each year. By preparing your online business forrepparttar 109029 throng of holiday shoppers, you too can pick up additional sales, both from new customers and from repeat business. Here are a few tips to help your business makerepparttar 109030 most ofrepparttar 109031 holiday season ...

== Offer discounts and specials - free shipping, bonus gifts, whatever's appropriate for your business. Display these offers prominently on your website and make surerepparttar 109032 ordering process is simple and obvious.

== Use your customer list! Email a special offer directly to previous customers and newsletter subscribers. They already know you and conversion rates are much higher than for first-time visitors.

== Redo your pay-per-click campaigns. Provided that your bids will still give you a reasonable return, bid on select holiday or gift-related key phrases to boost your visibility to holiday shoppers. Readrepparttar 109033 article, "How to Instantly Boost Traffic and Sales for Just Pennies!" for more on pay-per-click search engines.

Ask Mr. D - E-Commerce

Written by Bill Daugherty

Dear Mr. D,

I have owned a sporting goods store forrepparttar past 15 years. A few months ago I decided to takerepparttar 109025 plunge intorepparttar 109026 world of ecommerce. Boy, what a difference between a brick and mortar store and a store onrepparttar 109027 Internet.

In my bricks and mortar store we get a few browsers, but most people that come in buy something. However, at my online store most visitors seem to just look and then leave without buying anything.

I am obliviously going to need a lot more traffic to make my web site pay off. Do you have some advertising ideas that won't cost me a fortune?


Need Visitors


Dear Need Visitors,

Welcome torepparttar 109028 Internet. As you have learned, it takes a lot more visitors to a web store to produce a sale than it does to a brick & mortar establishment.

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