Is Your Ezine Being Zapped?

Written by Michael Southon

About a year ago I wrote an article titled 'Winning The War On Sp^m'. Unfortunately,repparttar war on sp^m is not being won at all.

In fact,repparttar 132732 problem is now so serious that sp^am is shaping up to berepparttar 132733 greatest threat to online marketing.

The threat comes not from sp^mmers themselves, but fromrepparttar 132734 filters that are being used to block them.

These filters are hitting hard atrepparttar 132735 very core of ecommerce - Ezine Publishing.

Anti-sp^m filters operate at two levels: (i) client-side programs that reside on individual computers and (ii) server-side programs that ISPs are using to block incoming sp^m.

The problem is thatrepparttar 132736 filters are now so sensitive they are blocking evenrepparttar 132737 most innocent of Newsletters.

For example, if your Newsletter containsrepparttar 132738 words 'remove', 'unsubscribe' or 'click here' it will trigger anti-sp^m filters in many ofrepparttar 132739 programs that are now being used by ISPs.

The result?

Your Ezine is zapped, deleted - and a large percentage of your subscribers will think you have stopped publishing your Newsletter.

What can you do about it?

Here are some tips to avoid sp^m filters:

(1) Post your Newsletter online and then email your subscribers to tell them thatrepparttar 132740 latest issue is now available online.

(2) In your Newsletter carefully avoid (both inrepparttar 132741 subject line andrepparttar 132742 body text) all words that are likely to trigger anti-sp^m filters. Userepparttar 132743 free service listed atrepparttar 132744 end of this article - it will flag any words in your Newsletter that trigger anti-sp^m filters.

Why do we hate spam so much?

Written by Linda Landry

Why do we hate spam so much? By Linda Landry (c)

Everyone agrees that spam is BAD! We obviously hate it because we named it SPAM. The garbage lunch meat packed in a can and made from leftover animal parts;repparttar next thing to waste! Yes, I agree it is annoying to have your electronic mail box filled with unsolicited mail. But isn't that whatrepparttar 132730 delete key is for? Once you eliminaterepparttar 132731 unwanted item, it is as if it never existed. So why do we get so upset? Is it because we get unnecessary mail telling us how to grow body organs we don't have or how to get more pleasure from sex? Or is itrepparttar 132732 pornography we did not request and we are embarrassed that someone may think we did? I am surerepparttar 132733 large part of our concern is 'catching' a virus. We can protect ourselves from this contamination with software just as we can protect ourselves from germs by taking precautions. We cannot totally eliminaterepparttar 132734 possibility of becoming infected. But we have learned to

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