Is Your Child Having Trouble in School?

Written by Barbara White

Did you know thatrepparttar school system is only able to meet 50% of student learning needs?

Thatís right! - only 50% ofrepparttar 144813 student population is in an environment at school which enables them to be successful learners.

The reason for this is not because of bad teachers.

There are many excellent, dedicated teachers in schools, whose lifeís work and passion is to educate their students torepparttar 144814 best of their ability. Teachers want to see their students successful, that is why they have given years to training and service. It is notrepparttar 144815 fault ofrepparttar 144816 teachers that many students do not reach their potential in learning.

It is not a result of bad parenting.

Many parents spend a great deal of time and energy trying to ensure that their children haverepparttar 144817 best education possible. Parents help with homework, provide many extra-curricular opportunities and keep in touch withrepparttar 144818 teachers and school in order to help their child to be successful. However when all is said and done, it isrepparttar 144819 child who needs to be able to learn and passrepparttar 144820 curriculum requirements.

Some parents themselves may have sailed through their own school experience and been successful inrepparttar 144821 academic requirements for graduation, and gone on to further education. Isnít it reasonable to expect that their children would followrepparttar 144822 same path and achieve good grades? For some children, yes it is a reasonable expectation, and many, of course, do follow in their parentís footsteps. However this may not be true for every child, even inrepparttar 144823 same family. I, myself, was a good student, enjoyed my school experience and I love to learn. I went on to become a teacher for over twenty years inrepparttar 144824 school system, was a Principal of two schools, and successfully pioneered an independent school. All my three children are intelligent and have been given equal opportunities with regard to their education. Out ofrepparttar 144825 three, only one is following in my footsteps. Was I less diligent with two of my children, didnít I help them? Didnít I give themrepparttar 144826 support they needed to be successful at school? Of course I did! Were their teachers uncaring and unsupportive of their education? Not at all! The problem is as parents we canít go to school for them. Sometimes it seems parenting would be easier if we could!

Isrepparttar 144827 school system bad?

There are many excellent schools, in which some students are able to thrive and excel in their learning. For those studentsrepparttar 144828 school environment meetsrepparttar 144829 needs of their learning styles and motivates them towards success in their educational experience. The school system is not bad for these students, it is good. Howeverrepparttar 144830 very nature and structure ofrepparttar 144831 school system means it is only able to meetrepparttar 144832 needs of some styles of learning, and personality traits of its students. For a fairly large number of students to get through a school day is an achievement in itself. Intelligence and motivation to learn are notrepparttar 144833 issue for them, butrepparttar 144834 school structure and environment itself. An example of such a student was Albert Einstein. He found school incredibly boring, asrepparttar 144835 tools of learning in those days were to do with repeating and learning by rote. He learnt more fromrepparttar 144836 reading he did outside of school, and talking with interesting people he met, than from school itself. He spent most ofrepparttar 144837 time in his classes day dreaming. The system had no room for creativity and imagination, or allowing him to learn about what interested him. There was no provision in his school system for people who thought differently.

Baby Clothes for Your Baby Shower Gift

Written by Randy Wilson

Baby clothes are one ofrepparttar most popular types of gifts for new and expectant parents at a baby shower. Shopping for baby apparel and baby stuff is something a lot of people especially new parents enjoy.

Baby boutique clothing is one ofrepparttar 144777 most popular baby shower gifts you can buy. If you live in a larger town or city. There is bound to be many baby boutiques in your area. Baby boutique clothing is an especially nice gift when you purchase a fancy little outfit. The parents might not normally choose to buy this for their baby.

There are many different types of baby clothes that you can buy for a baby shower gift. There are also different shops and boutiques where you can find baby apparel. Try to find something unique asrepparttar 144778 new parents will probably have more sleepers than they will know what to do with.

Baby boutiques offer designer infant clothing which may seem somewhat extravagant and unnecessary to some. But baby boutique clothing really does make a wonderful baby shower gift. Little dresses for baby girls and overalls for baby boys make especially adorable gifts.

Online infant clothing gives you pretty good deals: Baby clothing shopping can take you all over your local mall. But some ofrepparttar 144779 best baby clothes can be found online. There are literally hundreds of online baby clothes shops. And you can find some excellent deals.

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