Is Your Bad Mood Causing Skin Breakouts?

Written by Burgundy Shank

Your skin tells a lot about you. Someone who looks at your face can often tell if you havenít had enough rest, if youíve been slacking on your diet, or if you moisturize regularly. Your skin can also tell someone a lot about your state of mind.

Itís pretty obvious when youíre embarrassed because your face will get flushed. Thatís not what I mean. Iím referring to lifeís problems that pile up, stress you out, and keep you from performing at your ultimate best. Long periods without good nutrition will make skin pale and flaky, while a lack of moisture in your body can make skin tight and pinched-looking. Late nights and stressful situations can cause breakouts, oily skin and a tired, harried appearance that can keep you from looking your best.

With our busy lifestyles, itís hard to imagine how we can sleep more, eat better and stay hydrated enough to keep lifeís problems from showing up on your face. Fortunately, you can easily combat some of these problems by carefully choosing quick ways to relax and rejuvenate your body that wonít breakrepparttar bank.

Natural skincare products containing essential oils will not only help to improve your skinís appearance, but they have a double-duty effect with their aromatherapy benefits. For example, lavender essential oil is beneficial for people with minor cuts, scrapes, rashes and mild sunburn. It is also great for relaxation, making lavender a useful tool for eliminating stress.

Wear Sunglasses to Prevent Cancer

Written by Tim Gorman

Did you ever think thatrepparttar sun could be cancerous? Not just for your skin, but for your eyes as well. There have been several scientific studies that are concluding that if you are out inrepparttar 146435 sun for too long without sunglasses, you may be at risk of developing cancer. Without sunglasses,repparttar 146436 sun beating in your eyes will serve you at risk for getting cataracts in your eyes, different growths onrepparttar 146437 eye, and what they refer to as ďmacular degeneration.Ē

After performing these studies, ophthalmologists encourage recommend that you wear 95% or more Ultra Violet absorbent eyewear when you are out having your fun inrepparttar 146438 sun. Usuallyrepparttar 146439 sun sends off Ultra Violet Radiation inrepparttar 146440 summer three times stronger than it does inrepparttar 146441 winter! Always make sure that you wear sunglasses even if you are having fun inrepparttar 146442 pool (or any other body of water).

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