Is Working Part-Time a Practical Alternative to Working At Home?

Written by Kandi Traxel

Ask many working moms or stay at home moms whatrepparttar idyllic job situation would be and most will say, "If I could only work at home, make some extra money and still spend time with my family."

With allrepparttar 116959 scams inrepparttar 116960 home based business industry, many stay-at-home moms have a very difficult time finding legitimate and well paying home employment. It can be a costly experience, when you think you have found a great job opportunity only to find that you have been scammed by an unscrupulous individual you can’t contact. Hundreds of these so-called work-at-home schemes exist, and it can be very frustrating trying to weed thru them and find legitimate opportunities.

Many legitimate companies do hire stay-at-home moms. However, these jobs do tend to be scarce and many of them require that you have a great deal of experience or education to perform them. No one will "get rich quick" working at home. It will not happen. And those ads that guarantee that you will are false. Rememberrepparttar 116961 old saying "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is"? Well it does hold true! So be careful when considering one of these opportunities.

So how is a mother supposed to do what she feels isrepparttar 116962 best for her family and still contribute financially?

Many of us stay at home moms, climb aboardrepparttar 116963 guilt train when we even consider doing something for ourselves; taking a little down time, finding a hobby or anything that we feel takes away time and energy from our homes, children, & husbands. We tend to forget that we too are human beings and day in day out “same ole same ole” can get very old, very fast.

There is an alternative to working at home, that takes up a very small portion of your time, can make you a little extra income and can get you out ofrepparttar 116964 house for a few hours. A part time job may just berepparttar 116965 answer you are looking for. Most part-time jobs require less than 32 hours per week and some require less than that. Now if you need to actually earn a living, then part time work would probably not be a wise choice for you. Part time jobs may have other drawbacks that make them bad choices as well.

A few things to consider: Part-time jobs rarely pay more than $6-$8 per hour depending on skills required, andrepparttar 116966 type of job you will be doing. Some jobs pay as much as $11-$12 per hour, but they are rare. Be prepared to earn just a little above minimum wage for most part time jobs.

Most part time jobs do not offer benefits. There are those that do, however. If you haverepparttar 116967 time to do your homework, you may just be able to find one that does. You will be better off, and more apt to find a good part time job, if you do not make this a top priority.

Many part time jobs are evenings and weekends. Many companies need people that are willing to work evenings throughoutrepparttar 116968 week, weekend days and evenings, and even holidays.

What? Home Business??

Written by John Cordice

What? Home Business??

Today’s world is accelerating at a pace never seen before, and there seems to be a lot of things people forgot about…

Home Business? Hmm… sounds like a lot of trouble, a lot of work. With a job you don’t need to worry about anything. Just do your job and get paid.

Now let’s think about what’s wrong with this picture… Where’srepparttar space for improvement? Sure you can climbrepparttar 116958 corporate ladder, but remember… there’s only one president, and those positions aren’t guaranteed to anyone.

Let’s think about another thing… Companies, Businesses, they want to make maximum profits, right? The world is evolving. One ofrepparttar 116959 major problems to them? Employees. Sure they need employees but… remember

With all this automation going on inrepparttar 116960 world, these companies are finding more ways to increase their profit margin- And that’s to reduce their workforce and increaserepparttar 116961 automation!!

What does that mean for jobs? Less jobs!! Many years ago, companies needed workers for every little detail. As technology advanced, one by one, small necessities weren’t needed anymore, as there was a technology in place to automate that process.

Now where does that leave us? To fend for ourselves!! Now these changes won’t take place overnight obviously, but… I’m sure you can seerepparttar 116962 general Trend.

Why go through allrepparttar 116963 trouble with some sort of Home Business? Sure it’s a lot of work, confusion, and a ton of trouble or so it would seem… butrepparttar 116964 space for improvement is Incredible!!

More and more people are doing home based businesses… now another question still arises. If everyone were to do a home business or such,repparttar 116965 world’s economy would be a very chaotic place, correct?

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